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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Journey to a Village

By Jannatul Ferdous

Some days ago I made a journey with my sister and cousin to my uncle’s house. It is in the village. The name of that village is Nobabgong.

At first on that day we reached Golistan bus stand. Then we bought our tickets and got into the bus. After 1.30 hours we reached our goal. Then we got down from the bus. Then we crossed a small bridge. After few minutes we reached our uncle’s house. We found that every one was so happy to see us. Elder uncle, aunt, younger uncle, aunt came to visit us.

After reaching my uncle’s home we got freshen up and took rest. After taking rest we had our lunch. In the afternoon I and my cousin went to visit to our relatives’ house to meet them.

Next day we went to our old grand father’s house. There we met with my other uncles, aunts and cousins. In the afternoon we returned our home. Next day we went outside. Then I found the most beautiful place there. It was a big green field. There were so many corn, crops, cattle etc. Some children were playing there. We walked for a long time on that field.

There we took some photos together. We swam in the river. I went to the village in the winter season. My aunt made some items of cake. In the morning we drank date juice. In the evening we made a lot of fun there.
We enjoyed there very much. My cousins were so friendly with me. After 5 days we returned back home in Dhaka. Those days were very enjoyable and memorable days for me. I will never forget that journey.

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Shila Ahmed

My name is Shila Ahmed. I live in Mirbug, Dhaka. I was born in Dhaka in 1992. My birthday is on 6th September.

I read in class ten. My school’s name is Sher-e-Bangla High School and Mohila College. My father’s name is Samsuddin Ahmed. He is a bank accountant. My mother’s name is Sakina Begum. My mother is a house wife. I have one brother and one sister. My elder brother's name is Sajib Ahmed. My brother is studying in honors final year.

I am doing courses on Basic Grammar, Reading, Writing and Speaking in Nari Jibon. I am a student of English-1 in Nari Jibon. I want to be a banker in future. I like reading books, watching TV, spending time with kids etc. I also enjoy hearing music in my free time.

My favorite color is blue. My favorite hobby is gardening. My favorite person is the national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. I also like my father and mother very much.

Suhada Akter

My name is Suhada Akter. I am fourteen years old. I live in Mugda Para. I was born in Dhaka.

I read in class eight. My school name is Comlapur School and Colony. My father’s name is Motaher Shorder. My mother’s name is Maksuda Begum. I have one brother and one sister. My father works in Croba Company. My mother works in Imam Baton and she works very hard Everyday.

Now I am studying in Nari Jibon Project in English-1. I am doing courses on Basic Grammar, Reading, Writing and Speaking in Nari Jibon. After finishing my English course I will admit in computer section. I came to Nari Jibon to develop my skills in computer office program and English spoken.

My favorite color is black. I also enjoy hearing music in my free time. I want to be a teacher in future. Nari Jibon is a good organization for the girls and women. I wish all the best to Nari Jibon.