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Nari Jibon Project seeks to increase our students’ and staffs’ abilities through different ways: classes, practice, computers, internet, and now the Narijibon Blog. Readers and writers (our students & staff) of the Blog will both learn about our lives, culture, Nature, activities of people in Bangladesh and the Nari Jibon Project.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We are thankful to Kathryn B. Ward, “The Mother” of Nari Jibon Project

Translated by: Mohtarimun Nahar [Bipa]
Written by: Mayanur Akter [Maya]

We all are thankful to Kathryn B. Ward for creating this Nari Jibon Project. Through this Project, many women and girls of Bangladesh are being benefited. This project is different from other organizations and training centers. Here girls and women can learn in a safe environment. They can learn and develop their skills on many subjects. It has been possible only for Kathryn B. Ward. That is why I thank her from my heart.

The students and staffs of Nari Jibon are sharing their experiences, feelings to other countries through Nari Jibon Blog site. The girls can show their creativity through their writings. Maybe sometimes they tried to write, But they were worried that how will they publish their writings. They were confused. But now they can publish their writings through Nari Jibon Blog. So, students are getting inspiration to write. They always try to write something different than their own previous writings. In this way, their talent and creativities are increasing day by day. But all these are being possible only for the ‘Mother’ of Nari Jibon – Kathryn B. Ward. Otherwise it wouldn’t be possible for the girls and women in this under developed Country. We are also thankful to all the respectable donors.

Girls and women can get training on some subjects, those are given below:

• Bengali

• Tailoring

• English-Office Management classes:
o English-2 Class
o English-1.5 Class
o English- 1 Class
• Special English Spoken Practice Class

• Computer classes:
o Class schedule by appointment-interview
o Computer Basic & Office Program Classes
o Computer Hardware Maintenance and Troubleshooting
o Computer Graphics design classes by schedule on all day
o ICT Magazine
o Photography

Now I would like to write something about me. I am Bangladeshi. So, I am weak in English. When I met with Kathryn B. ward, I became an admirer of her. Then I could not understand her language. But she never underestimates me. She always tries to encourage us. She is simply the best to me. I miss her and really thankful to her. When she comes in Nari Jibon then our Nari Jibon and our mind fulfill with joy. We always wait for her. Madam all-time tries to do something for us. Sometimes I am worried about us that what will we do without her?

Madam all-time wants to develop the women’s skills. She just wants that the helpless women and girls of Bangladesh can do something as their own. As if they cannot be tortured by men. Another greatest part of her activities is to create a Cyber café for women and girls, I found in every cyber café where both men and women are allowed to browse. But our Nari Jibon’s Cybercafé is only allowed for all the girls and women. Outsider women and girls are also allowed here.
She is doing all these only for us then how we will remain without thanking her. We, the students and staffs of Nari Jibon Project are really grateful to her and to all the donors.

At last I would like to say that,
"Flower doesn’t bloom for its own’’
It blooms for all”

Kathryn Madam is trying her best to develop the Nari Jibon Project. She is really ‘The Mother’ of Nari Jibon. Our Dear Madam, Kathryn B. Ward’s Birthday is on 21st December. We wish her all the success in her life. I pray to Allah that, may she lives long in our mind.

I Miss You A Lot !!!

By Sherin Sultana

You are engaged with me in different ways. So.......

I miss you at the cool morning, exhausted noon and the quite night.
I miss you when my mind fills with pleasure.
I miss you when I wish to go out for a walk.
I miss you when Krishnochura blooms.
I miss you when I wish to make a rickshaw ride.
I miss you at the moon-lit-night when I desire to gossip.
I miss you when it rains. I miss you when I sit on soft grass.
I miss you when I look at the enormous sky.
I miss you when I ride on a rickshaw.
I miss you when I make a long journey by bus.
I miss you at Pohela Falgun, Pohela Boishakh and on Valentines Day.
I miss you if I fall in any bad situation.
In the bus, if anyone tries to sit close to me, then I miss you so much.
If I fall in any big problem but I can’t solve that and if I expect help from others then I miss you.
I miss you when I see a couple.
I miss you when I feel sad.
I miss you when I become sick.
I miss you when I feel lonely.
I miss you when I stay alone.
I miss you when I close my eyes.
I miss you also at the time of joys and sorrows.

I feel you so much so that I miss you in every time and every moment.
I want to know - do you feel me in the same way? I wish you feel me.

Bloggers profile (Students)

Sifat Binte Qaiyum

My name is Sifat Binte Qaiyum. I was born in Voirob, on 8th April, in1985. I have passed Secondary School Certificate in 2000 from Ali Ahmad Hhigh School and Higher Secondary Certificate in 2002 from Motijheel Model School and College. My father’s name is Md. Abdul Qaiyum. He is a businessman. My mother’s name is Lily Akter. She is a housewife. I have one brother and two younger sisters.

I like to read various kinds of books. ‘Memsaheb’ is my favorite book. That is written by Soyod Mustoba Ali. My hobby is Reading many kinds of journals and Bengali story books. I am very much interested in traveling. I like Journalism as a profession. After passing my honors I will do a course on Journalism to be a successful Journalist. I am also interested to open a Boutique shop.

The Nari Jibon is a nice organization, which works with the women to develop their alternative skills and show them the way of light in their life. I am very much glad to be a part of this organization. I am a student of English1.5 here in Nari Jibon Project.

Busharat Binte Qaiyum (Lamia)

My name is Busharat Binte Qaiyum (Lamia). I was born on 31st August, 1986 in Dhaka. My family numbers are father, mother, three sisters and one brother. I passed the Secondary School Certificate examination from Ali Ahmad High School in 2001 and Higher Secondary Certificate examination from Dhaka City College in 2003. Now I am doing honors in Accounting 3rd year from Shidheshawry Girls’ College.

My hobby is reading. I like to read many kinds of novels. My favorite book is ‘Uttradhikar’ written by Samresh Muzumder and favorite place is Cox’s Bazaar. In future I want to do a job in a Bank or in any private company. I am a student of Nari Jibon in Computer and English Section. I was informed about Nari Jibon from one of my friends. It is a nice organization for the women and girls. After coming at Nari Jibon, I knew about blog site for the first time. The most important part of this organization is Nari Jibon Cyber café.

I am very happy to get opportunity to learn here. Now I am very much confident on my English and computer skills.

Bloggers profile (Students)

Laily Jahan Meghla

"I am Laily Jahan Meghla. I was born on 20th November in 1986, in Dhaka. I passed my childhood in Dhaka. I passed the Secondary School Certificate examination from South Bonosri Model High School in 2001 and Higher Secondary Certificate from Shiddheswari Girls College in 2003. Now I am doing honors on accounting 3rd year in Shiddheswari Girls College.

My hobby is gardening, reading books and novels, watching cricket Match. My favorite place is Dhaka Carjon Hall. My favorite writer is Shomoresh Mojumdar. I want to do job in a bank. Or I want to be a news reporter. I was informed about Nari Jibon from my friend. Now I am a student of English and computer in Nari Jibon Project.

Blog is a new topic for me. I think it is a very interesting subject. As a new writer I am enjoying a lot and I can show my creativity by writing on my feelings, culture, experiences etc. Here I also like the Nari Cyber café. I am very happy to learn here."

Ayesha Parveen

"My name is Ayesha Parveen. I was born on 5th December in 1983, in Dhaka. I have completed Secondary School Certificate in 1999 from Kadamtala High School under Dhaka Board and Higher Secondary Certificate in 2001 from Ispahani Girls College under Dhaka Board. Now I am doing my Honors in Sociology at Eden Mohila College.

My father worked in SW Shipping Ltd. My mother is a house wife. I have one sister and one brother. My sister is a house wife and brother is a student of English department in Stamford University. My favorite place is Cox’s Bazaar Sea Beach. My hobby is gossiping with my friends and reading novels.

My future plan is to go to abroad for getting higher education and to do a job in a Multinational Company. The Nari Jibon is a good organization for women. I am a student of English1.5 here in Nari Jibon Project. "

Happy Birthday to Kathryn B Ward

By Taslima Akter

21st December, this day is very especial for me because that day is the birthday of Dr. Kathryn B Ward, who is my favorite person. Dr. Ward is a generous person who is founder of the Nari Jibon. She is working very hard to develop the Bangladeshi women. For her warm inspiration when I lost my self-esteemed, I make my mind again to go forward. We are praying in her birthday- may she live long. In 2005 we were celebrating her birthday in Bangladesh. I remember that day again and again. I wish her all the best in her birthday. We all (Nari Jibon student & staff) are missing her in her birthday……….

Shuvo Janmodin (Happy Birthday) to you from our all Nari Jibon staff and students.

Happy Birthday to Katie Zaman

By Taslima Akter

Katie Zaman is the Fulbright fellow and co-founder of Nari Jibon. Katie Zaman is one of my favorite persons. I like her sweet smiling!! I remember her warm receive, suggestion which inspire me for working hard. 20th December is the birthday of Katie Zaman who is working hard for establishment of Nari Jibon. My best wish for her in her birthday. I am praying for her, she can success every step in her life.

Happy birthday to you from all Nari Jibon people.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

If I were A Prime Minister of Bangladesh!!!

By: Ruma Akter

Human life is full of dreams. Most of the time, it travels in the dream land. But all the dreams do not come true. I have a dream to be A Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Though it is an impossible wish, but I really wish that. If it would happen in my life, I would like to use all the opportunities to develop our country.

Our country is an undeveloped country. It is surrounded by poverty, terrorism and nepotism etc. If I were the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, I would make the country as self-reliant. I would offer a terrorism and nepotism free society for the people of Bangladesh. I would try to turn the wheel of fate of the poverty-stricken people.

Education is the precondition of development. If I were the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, I would make the education compulsory for all.

Bangladesh belongs as undeveloped country. Most of the people live under the poverty line. Unemployment is also a great problem in our country. For the alleviation of unemployment problem and poverty, I would take some effective steps, such as-- initiative of industrializations, agricultural development etc. To develop agriculture I would try to use scientific methods in agricultural sector. Thus I would help to raise the economical side of the country.

I would like to change my country by investing money in agriculture, developing the technical education, solving the basic requirements of life and increasing the rights of women.

I would try to do everything to make the people happy and prosperous of my country. That’s why I wish -- if I were A Prime Minister!!!