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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No Violence Against women

By Tondra

Now a day’s boys and girls both are literate. So we can say, girls’ & boys’ rights are equal. But we say this only for saying. We also see that boys and girls both are studying in school, college and university. But it was impossible at past. Women development is like a challenge for men. Still women can’t get their rights. Recently one Bangladeshi channel published an advertisement on violence against women. The ad is, “A boy and a girl studied in the same class, at a time they loved each other and got married. One day her husband came home after office and then she was cooking. Her husband knocked at the door and she opened the door late. When she opened the door her husband slapped her. She started crying and then her husband came to her and said…. So What!”

Our society’s educated men think, they are better then women. They think it’s their manly habit. But they don’t know when they show their manly creature they lose their humanity. They are like illiterate men though they are literate. They are literate just for their certificate. So I think they are completely fool.

I think women are in first position than men on “HUMANITY”.

So I request every man, please make yourself an educated person then you will be truly literate.

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