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Friday, May 30, 2008

Silent tears of a woman

Translated by: Golam Rabbany Sujon
Written in Bengali: Taufika Farzana

Even in the 21st century, Bangladesh is in the course of poverty and illiterate. Here the children of lower income family go to work instead of going to school. Their family is dependent on their income. There are enough needy girls around us whose lives go with distress. I’ll say about a girl, a black shadow of sorrow has come in her life.

The name of the girl is Jhorna. Every incident of her life is full of weeping; there is no shadow of happiness in her life. “Forests express the events of sorrow throwing weeping; we call spring (Jhorna). Forests express its events of sorrow but Jhorna did not express her distress and events of crying to others. She pressed down her sorrow with stone in her mind. She passed her frighten life patiently. The birth place of Jhorna is Faridpur. There she used to live with her along with her brother and sisters. They are six sisters and one brother. Jhorna is the third number in their family. Jhorna lost her father when she was three years old. Then the situation of their family became bad to worse. Other sister and brother used to contribute in the family before their marriage but after getting married they became busy in their own respective families. So, once Jhorna had to control their family and thus she was passing her difficulties life. In this time she also fell in love and got married. She was passing her conjugal life with happy by taking with two daughters and husband. Jhorna thought that her distress days had gone but she could not pass her happy family life so long because her husband left her. Sorrows were increasing day by day in her life. She went out for searching work to give food her mother and daughters. She started to work as a housemaid that was not sufficient to bear her family. So, she started to look another work and she got a job in our college canteen. Then she made her daughters admitted in a school. She has been working for six months in our college canteen. She can laugh living in such difficulties. She spends all of her earning money for living and prosecuting her daughters study. She can understand that there is no value of life without education. Her first daughter is reading in class-3 and younger one is reading in class-1. She has great hope; her daughter will be scholar offer being educated. She does want to make their life like her.

I think that love is not main thing in the life to live in this world, establishment is necessary. In our society women are disregarded, deprived and they are violated in many ways. So, all of us ought to make our position strong. We should go towards a new alight path.

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