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Monday, May 26, 2008

Signature of my teacher

Translated by: Golam Rabbany Sujon
Written in Bengali: Poli akter

Teacher of our country is the founder of our nation. We respect them like our parents. Because they help us to be establish in the society besides our parents. So, we greet (salam) them when we meet in the street or anywhere. After passing H.S.C. (class-12), I bought an admission form to get admission in honors level to a university. I got only two days to submit this admission application form. So, I was worried and busy to collect every necessary document according to the rules. So next day I went to the college to photocopy my mark-sheets and attach my photos. After entering to the college office room I saw everyone showing very busy. None of them was interested to talk with me. Our principal was not in the college but one of our Prof. Madam was in-charge. After waiting long time Madam came to the room and then I requested her to sign and I gave her my documents. She told me to wait two hours and then she would sign otherwise another sir would sign.
Then that sir was in the college but I knew that sir’s residence as he lived in near our area. Then I thought that it would be better to go to the sir’s house than waiting two hours in the college. So I started to go to sir’s residence. I was thinking and feeling hesitation as I did not go to his house ever. Then it was afternoon. Sir used to live fifth floor. After climbing up the stairs I found the doors of sir’s floor were open and I saw some students were waiting for sir. Sir teaches these students at his house to earn some extra money. Then sir was in another room. I was waiting for him. After a long time he came to the room to teach the students. I gave him salam and I told him that I need his sign to my document. I could not complete my words he became very angry on me and he started to scold me in front of all the students. He alone spoke his speeches but he did not want to hear what I wanted to say. All-most whole day I passed to take signature. Being very much shocked I returned from his house and I could not keep my tears while I was passing every stair. Yes, at last he signed on my every document.

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