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Monday, May 26, 2008

A tale of a woman

Translated by: Golam Rabbany Sujon
Written in Bengali: Rozy Alam

If we heard the word NARI (woman) we think a woman who is powerless, simple and soft hearted. I’ll write about a Nari who have huge dreams, hopes and love. Her name is Komola, got married at her childhood. Komola had huge dreams. She wanted to go to school, would learn study and she would be great. Getting more education she wanted to develop her life. But Komola could not implementation her dreams because Komola was a daughter of a poor family. Poverty was main fault of her life. Her parents had no ability to prosecute her study. Suddenly Komola got married and she had to leave all of her classmates and neighboring friends. Tears are falling from her dreamy eyes. Days, months and years go and thus she passed 20 years. If Komola would implement her dreams, probably she would be a doctor or an educated mother. But it is very sorrow news that now she is working as a hand-made cake seller in the road side. Not only this she also became a mother but illiterate, poor and industrious mother, not educated mother. Komola sells cake sitting a roadside whole day long in the capital city. Everyday she makes powder four kilogram rice and makes chitoy pitha and vapa pitha. She makes pitha and waits for customers. Komola maintains her family by selling these pithas. Komola’s family is consisted eight members with her four daughters, two sons and one husband. Her husband is unemployed. Komola suffers frustration with her small children. All-day long she thinks how she will collect house rent and food expenditure of family members. Komola looks aged but if she would not get early marriage and she would get chance to study, she does not look aged. Thus she is passing her daily life.

Every day while I return from Nari Jibon I see Komola and I feel sad. As I heard her life history from her own I was able to write and think about her but I know there are thousands of vulnerable women in our country like Komola whom I don’t know. If a woman can do something good than a man we became highly attracted but we don’t try to protest when we see a girl is given in marriage instead of study. But why? Do we can not help when they face problem or to implement their dreams? Are we such kind of unable? I don’t want to refuse everything, yet there are some people who help women and respect women. As an example “Nari Jibon” is an organization that works only for women’s good luck.

I want to thank every teacher and staff especially Dr. Kathryn B. Word who is the founder of Nari Jibon on behalf of every students of Nari Jibon regarding on International women day. If women in our country get scope that Nari Jibon provides they will be aware about their lives, aware about their rights, don’t bear violence staying at house, they will be defendant like me. Our women also have something to say, to know and to see and we’ll tell, see and know.

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