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Friday, January 18, 2008

A Journey from Dhaka to Baloakandi

By Mahfuza Parul

Last year some of my friends were decided to go to outside of Dhaka for a day. After discussing with my three friends we decided to visit a village, name Baloakandi. On 21 January, 2007 we went to the village Baloakandi. It is in the district of Munshigonj. That was our friend Shikha’s village. It was not far from Dhaka. It took only five minutes from Meghna Bridge.

We started our journey at 8.00 am by a private car. We reached at Baloakandi at 9.30 am. At first, we went to Shikha’s house. We were introduced to all the people of Shikha’s house. We gossiped and passed some times there. After taking our breakfast we went to visit the village.

There was a park near Shikha’s house. We went there and visited the whole park. The park was very nice. It was full of natural beauties. There were many trees in the park. We sat under a tree and gossiped for a long time.

From right me with my friends

We climbed upon a tree and took some photographs. In the park, there was a nice flower garden. In that garden, there were many beautiful flowers. We took many photos in the flower garden.

We went to other side of the park by crossing a small canal. There were only crops field around the canal. We plucked many cucumbers from the crop field. We ate those cucumbers as salad with our lunch.

At 5.30 pm, we started our journey to come back in Dhaka. We stopped our car beside the Meghna Bridge and passed sometimes beside the Meghna River. We took many photos on the bridge. The wild wind was blowing. We were enjoying lot.

When we stay at any river or sea side then it seems to me that every people’s mind becomes fresh and all the sorrows go away for some moments. So, when we were at the side of Meghna River then we forgot our all the sorrows, distress, the busy city life etc. We felt like a free bird in the enormous sky.

Shikha’s family members were very happy to get us. We enjoyed the journey and the place Baloakandi very much. We decided to make such journeys once or twice in a year. I wish we can keep our friendship forever.

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Meghna Village said...

Thanks Sharmin for you cute narration about my village Baluakandi and the park 'Meghna Village Holiday Resort' It is actually a holiday resort and Picnic spot. Now a days this has became much more attractive.You are most cordially invited to visit our park again.
I suppose you by this time not that young student and perhaps you attained your desired goal to be a banker. Let Allah Subhanutala bless you in all aspect of your life.Amin.
...Justice AFM Abdur Rahman