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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My childhood with my mother by Nari Jibon students

Student’s blog writings in their computer class:

Sharmi Das, Id#868

"My childhood memory is so beautiful. I love my mother very much. My mother is a great mother in the world. She helps me in my whole work. Every moment of my childhood I passed with my mother. My mother gave me many dolls and toys on my 5th years birthday ceremony. Everyday I slept with my mother. At that time she told me many interesting story. First time I went to school with my mother. Always she inspires me in every work. Every time I feel my mother. She loves me very much."

Urmi Das, Id#867

"My mother is the best mother in the world. She loves me very much. She always looks after me. I love my mother very much. Every time she helps me. My mother is the best teacher in my life also she is a good friend for me. My mother always prays for me. In my childhood she played with me. She is very calm and quite. She loves me very much. She is my favorite person."

Busrat Binte Qaiyum, Id# 741

"My mother name is a Lily Qaiyum. She is a housewife. I spent much time of my childhood in my grandfather’s house because on that time my father stayed to foreign country. So on that time my mother was to take care of me. My childhood was very memorable to me. In my childhood my mother took care very nicely of my all sides. When I slept, my mother awoke to me. My study started from my mother. In my childhood I was very naughty but my mother handle it very lovely without any angry speech. On that time my mother never got me feel to miss my father’s love."

Firoza Begum Poly, Id# 130

"I am poly. My mother name is Razia Islam. I love my mother and my mother also loves me. She helped me in my all work. When I sang a song, my mother jointed with me. I liked to play but my mother did not like to play. I liked to cook and I helped my mother when she cooked. "

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