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Monday, August 4, 2008

Lonely alone mother

Translated by Nilufa Parvin
Written in Bengali: Shahida Islam Mony

It seems to me very lonely, alone
I can’t realize why I feel so.
Life is very multifarious,
At times it is colored, again colorless
Why I feel so?
How sweet the people of the earth are!
How sacred they are!
But somewhere unholiness, vulgarity are concealed.
Mother cannot keep her child in the vicinity of her
Child cannot drop tears, keeping head on their mother’s chest
What a dalliance of god is!
Who knows?
Can you tell when, how this impertinence, misery will be removed?
Cause of this failure is that I am a mother?
Have I no power to keep my child in my neighborhood?
Law! It is also in opposite with mother in this country.
It seems to that after a definite age,
There is no right to live child with their mother.
How insufferable, ridiculous the incident of earth is!
The mother who doesn’t know law,
The mother who can’t become rebel,
She also misses her child.
So it should occurs that child of all mothers being mislaid
And to fill mother’s heart with loud lamentation.
What’s the benefit if I struggle?
What’s the gain if I glowing my chest with tears?
Who needs to go away he will depart,
Who likes to come back he will return,
But mother’s are groaning, weeping with her rending heart…
It’s only for mother
This silently abandoned alone shed tears only for mother
This is not for others.

Shahida Islam Mony has recited her own writing poem in the Narijibon blog workshop on flickr. Watch more from video…

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