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Friday, June 29, 2007

My Favorite Season

I am Kaniz Fatema Kanta. Here I will share my thoughts about my favorite season.

My favorite season is Rainy Season. We know that Bangladesh is a land of monsoon .There is six seasons in Bangladesh. Each season has its own features. We can see new scenery in each season. When new seasons come, the natures become change. The people also feel different in each season. The rainy season is one of them.

The rainy season comes after summer. During the months from June to August, the monsoon wind blows from the south-west and brings heavy showers. The rainy season is most welcome to people because of relief from excessive heat. The sky becomes overcast with clouds and we can’t see the sun light. Sometimes it goes on raining for some days. The rainy season is a season when there happen continuous rainfalls. Ponds, canals, lakes and rivers become brimful. The roads become muddy some where. The roads are sunk by water almost every where. People come out carrying umbrellas. People life comes to a standstill. In Bangladesh there are many people who live on the footpath in open air, they have no shelter during the rainfall. They are to face danger during the rainy season. Often the schools and colleges remain closed. Some people are thinly attended in the office. Shops and market places become customer less. Day laborers and beggars suffer a lot.

The rainy season is a great blessing for our country. Cause our agriculture depends on this rain. If the rain does not come in time, our farmer won’t be able to leave a good harvest. Some times it rains so heavily that it causes flood and bring untold miseries to people. Some people dislike the rainy season. But I feel that there is a joy in watching the dark clouds and hearing the sound of rainfall. The nature looks fresh and green. That’s why I like the Rainy Season most.

written by Kaniz Fatema Kanta


£a® said...

i did not find y u like it most?
u described the scenario but not your view.
never mind thanks for the post.

Unknown said...

Not bad .