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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Life of a Little Street Girl in Dhaka City

Written by Suchitra Roy

Champabati is 12 years old girl and lives in a slum in Dhaka City. At this age, she had to go to school but now she is collecting torn papers from one area to another area of Dhaka City and does it until evening .Then she gathers all the papers and takes her preparation for selling them. She gets a very little profit from it.

During talking with her, she has expressed her secreted regret that she hates to lead this type of life and is to face many problems. She dreams to be educated like other girls who are leading a different type of life, not like her in the society.

Champabati studied before but for her family she was to leave her school. She shows her anger to her father and blames him for her miserable life. Yet she is working all day long keeping a sweet dream in her heart that one day happy day will come for her.

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