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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nirupoma, a successful business woman, Who passed long days in unlawful and dark life? -2

Interview taken by: M.G. Rabbany & Mohtarmun Bipa

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Nirupoma is very beautiful to look at. Her tall & slim figure, nice appearance and well dress up made her like a heroine. As a Bengali nari (girl) she is attractive to everyone (male person). Stopping her study gave more opportunity to move. Then she fell in love with a young man who was born in a rich family. Nirupoma and her love knew that their guardians would not agree with their marriage as he was unemployed and Nirupoma’s elder sister was also unmarried. He was then a college student reading in class-14. Then they took decision that they would flee away their house and they would get married. According to their decision they both left their house and he took her to a relative’s house at Comilla. They got married (religious rule) at his relative’s house, but his relative did not allow them to live at their house more days. Then her husband took her to Dhaka and he rented a room in a residential hotel. They both had some money but within few days they spent all of their money. One day he fled away leaving her in that hotel, in Malibagh Chowdhurypara area. Nirupoma faced problem as she was alone in the hotel and she had no money. She waited two days for her husband but he did not return to her. At last hotel authority gave her some money to go to her village.

After two days she went to her village and she told her parents everything. Then she also went to her husband’s house but her husband was not in the house as he hid some where, and she tried to stay at her husband’s house but other members of her law’s family misbehaved with her. Besides, her guardians also called some of their local honorable persons to solve their problem. But her husband’s family was rich and more powerful than her family. Her husband’s guardians demanded 3 to 5 lac taka to get Nirupoma as their son’s wife or they offered some money to leave their son. Their marriage was not registered and they got married only by the religious rules. But Nirupoma knew that her parents were unable to pay such amount of money. Later Nirupoma took TK. 20000 and left her husband’s house. Then Nirupoma went to her parents’ house and observed their guardians pale faces. They were displeased to her and next day Nirupoma left their village and she came to Dhaka. She came directly to that hotel where she lived several days with her husband.

Nirupoma had come to Dhaka at the end of 1998. When she lived in this residential hotel with her husband she observed and heard about sex trade. Second time she came in this hotel to run this trade. She told that she had no alternative way as it was difficult to stay with her birth family. She and her guardians were much insulted by her husband’s family and local persons. She could not tolerate such kind of insults with her guardians and then there were arisen bad rumors at her locality and then some neighboring people did not want to talk with them.

After coming to Dhaka she started sex trades. She did not rent any house to live. She used to live same hotel where she sold sex. After one week she introduced with a young boy who became her permanent client. In a few days he became close with her. Almost everyday he used to come to her. He heard everything from the hotel authority about her and she also told her recent events of her life. The name of that boy was S. and then he was about 28 years old. Nirupoma told him to seek a house for her as she could not sleep properly in the hotel. Then he offered her to live in his house because his family had two houses in Dhaka and most of their family members used to live out of country. Nirupoma lived in one room attached bath and kitchen in the ground floor in a four storied building. She told that he was eldest child of their family and at the beginning time his family members did not know anything about her. He was in charge of that house. As he was a muscle man type she did not face any problem to live that house. Nirupoma also said that at the beginning time he told her not to hope to get him married as it was impossible to him. He would just help her for accommodation. Nirupoma said that she was pleased with him as sex workers’ main problem was accommodation which she had to not face ever. Nobody came to disturb or harass her at her residence.

From then she continued her sex business randomly. Her expectation was after saving three lac taka she would throw all money to her ex-husband and his parents in law’s faces. Nirupoma became pale when she was expressing her previous life. Nirupoma did not have any communication with her parents and relatives for about long two years. Then she communicated with her parents but she did not give them her address. Later she used to visit her village regularly. At the middle of 2000, she joined in a HIV/AIDS prevention project in Dhaka as a peer educator. There she was trained on HIV/AIDs prevention.

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