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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Two Students of Nari Jibon have Started a Business

Written and Pictures taken by M.G. Rabbany (Sujan)

Ten to fifteen years ago it was a rare case to see the women as businesswomen in the market of Dhaka city. Day by day we can see many changes in our society. G.O, N.G.O and women education make the women aware and involve them in various activities/ sectors. At present women don’t work only in their house or office now they work out of their houses too. Now women are running their business in the market, on the busy roadside and through the crowded area. Now they don’t work only under the veil, now they work like a male person. Previous days we only found some saleswomen in the shops of brand companies or their husband’s shop. But now we can see some women are running their business independently (though it is poor number in up to date). Like this two young Nari Jibon students have started a business shop at Khilgoan Chowrasta Moshjid Market.

Sultana Begum and Jannatul Ferdouse are classmates of Khilgoan Model College and Nari Jibon Project. They are also intimate friend. They both are reading in class-14 at Khilgoan Model College. Sultana took knowledge from Nari Jibon on English, Computer Ms Office Program and Hardware. Sultana also completed courses on Business Planning & Management from Nari Jibon. Jannatul Ferdouse took course on English. They are almost same aged (21-22).

Last August, 07 they have started a business jointly. They have rented a shop at Khilgoan Chowrasta which is situated near their college. They have decorated their shop very nicely. They have invested total at taka 1, 42,000/- for their business. They have to pay at taka 2000 per month as the shop rent. They sell various kinds of things for women, men and kids. Modern dresses, show pieces, hand make bags and other handicrafts etc are found in this shop.

Sultana Akter (Right) and Jannatul Ferdouse (left) are in their shop.

These bags are made at their home and now these are sold in this shop.

These bags are collected from the students’ (Poly and Ruby Rahman) of Nari Jibon
and these are sold in this shop.

Their shop is situated near their college and so good numbers of customers are their classmates and friends. Various kinds of cosmetics, show pieces, gift items and bags are found in their shop. They are also selling EID Panjabi as an EID special item.

The name of their shop is “Rongin Tara Fashion and Boutique”.
It means Color of Stars Fashion and Boutique.


Zeenat said...

I love those bags! I'll have to go visit the shop when I am in Bangladesh next time :-)

kur24 said...

Wow, what progress! How cool!