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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fisher Man

Written by Taufiqa Farzana

A fisherman is he who lives by catching and selling fishes. Generally a fisherman lives in a village near a river or a sea. He catches fish in the rivers, seas and ponds etc. Fisher men work by day and night. Many fishermen go to catch fish at night. Sometimes the night remains dark, cold and stormy. Fishermen are often seen making new nets. Most of the fishermen are poor. They can’t buy new net. They use old net by sewing. They have no boat. So they work in groups. Sometimes they take nets and boats on rent.

The life of a fisherman is very risky. They often go to fish at night in the big rivers and seas. During the stormy nights the members of their family remain anxious for safe return. Fishing is a challenging and interesting profession. When they catch a lot of fish they become very happy. Some times they cannot catch more fishes. Then they become very sad. They catch fish and sell to the market. In this way they earn money and buy their foods. They live a very simple life.

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