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Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Rainy Day

Written by Mahfuza Parul Tania
Pictures taken by Mohtarimun Nahar Bipa

In Bangladesh there are six seasons. Rainy season is one of those. It comes after summer season. On this day the sky remains cloudy. When the rain fall stars everything looks very beautiful. Trees get very fresh and look green. I like rainy day very much. Now I would like share with the readers about a rainy day of my life.

One day it was a rainy day. It was raining heavily since morning. On that day I sit quietly beside the window and I was hearing the sound of the pattering of the rainfall. I saw the trees and houses were bathing in the rain. Street people were running to get shelter from the rain. Some street children were enjoying in the rain and playing football. I wished to go to the street and play with them. But it was not possible for me. So I was to watch them only. But I was enjoying by watching them. Beside that I was hearing music.

After raining people feel so comfortable and the weather becomes fresh and cold. People like this season because they can get relief from the excessive heat of the sun. After raining sometimes we can see rainbow.

Rain is very useful for our agriculture. Our agriculture is mainly depends on it. If the rain comes in time, our farmers can harvest well. After raining all dirty things get washed. Everything looks very fresh and clean.

After raining the lands remain under water for some days.
These pictures were taken from Jamalpur after heavy raining.

Some time the rain creates many problems. Student can not go to school and college timely. People are to suffer very much. They can’t get any transport to go to their office. Traffic jam occurs in every where.

Rainy season is my favorite season. On rainy day I pass my time by reading story books, magazines; watching TV and hearing music.