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Friday, November 23, 2007

How we can help the cyclone sidr affected people

Written and pictures by: M.G.Rabbany Sujan

Already we all aware that few days ago clone sidr attacked on Bangladesh and southern parts’ people are facing real terrible days after the cyclone sidr. Cyclone sidr damaged everything in these areas. A good number of people already died, some people missing still now and some people are struggling with death. The rest of the people are suffering for foods, clothes, dwellings, diseases. Internationally, nationally, locally almost everyone is trying to help these victims. In Dhaka, already many clubs, co-operatives, organizations, Schools, Colleges, Mosques or groups of young peoples are collecting your helps. They are collecting old clothes, dry foods, medicines, current money etc. They are going to the door to door, lane to lane and they have opened camps in various areas. All classes of people are contributing what they can. Poor peoples are also providing their best.
You can also help them and remove their sufferings or protect their lives.

These pictures have taken yesterday evening from Rampura Ekramunnesa college’s camp where some more relieves have collected by the local people. Some young boys are working hard to collecting and maintaining these relieves. Friday 23rd November, one team will go the Cyclone sidr area to distribute these relieves. Tonight relief committee will decide where they will go and if possible they will continue to collect relief for cyclone sidr affected peoples.

These pictures are taken from Malibagh Chowdurypara near the mosque named “Matir mosjid”. There are two spots for collecting relieves. Above one inform that they will go to distribute relieves after collecting sufficient relieves and last one will send their relives to the cyclone affected area in the next Sunday or Monday.

Actually a large number of groups are collecting relives for the cyclone victims in Dhaka city. I think, government should collect these relieves from the locally small collectors to distribute these relieves among the cyclone affected people, as it is very expensive to go to the cyclone affected area and distribute relieves and some small collectors maybe failure to distribute these.

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