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Monday, December 10, 2007

How long the women will suffer!

By: Sherin Sultana

We are seeing for many days about some activities on violence against women. But did it remove yet? Now I would like to write some lines on my friend Muna who had escaped from her home with his boy friend, Shajal.

Recently Muna has passed Higher Secondary Certificate. Her mind was full with colorful dreams. After finishing graduation Shajal was doing a job. Muna had no idea that the color of love can be changed. All of her loves and dreams were proved false within some days of her marriage.

Muna realized that Shajal did not love her. He just loved the wealth and money of her family and to get that entire wealth he married her. Shajal was forcing her for 2 lac taka, ornaments and furniture. Though Muna got married against her family and they didn’t accept her marriage it was not possible to bring all these from her family and that’s why Muna couldn’t make lasting for a long time in her father in law’s house.

In this large world there was no place where she could go, she was feeling very helpless and alone. Though she left her family and got married against her family, so she had no chance to go there. For the sake of life at last Muna came to Dhaka and within some days she got a job in a private clinic as a nurse. The days were going on but Shajal didn’t take any news of her. When Shajal got the news that Muna was doing a job he came to her, but not for the shake of love. He came to take money from Muna and from then he came regularly.

In this way after passing two years Shajal became crazy to take Muna back. There is no need to think that Shajal has changed and became a good man. But he didn’t get changed. Actually he tried to use a new technique to take money. Though they live together in a same house but mentally they live in a different world. They don’t share anything of their life. Muna didn’t understand about Shajal’s technique.

The great mistake of Muna was to be disobedient with her family. So now she is suffering everything silently. Her every day is passing with this hope that, one day Shajal will realize his mistakes.

Not only in uneducated, half educated or lower class family; the educated women like Muna are also oppressed by high educated person like Shajal. Only the processes of harassments are changed. Now a day the number of physical persecution is getting low but mental and economical persecution are being added as violence.

If any one is born as woman she must have suffer any type of harassments. But how long it will be continued? The women should understand that they should fight to remove the violence against them. At first they need to change their mentality to tolerate every torture and they should take care of themselves. I think then they will be able to make their own fields.

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