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Friday, April 11, 2008

I went to Cox's Bazaar

By Selina Sherin

The Cox's Bazaar is the largest sea beach in the world. It is an exciting place for tourist.

Few days ago I went to visit in Cox's Bazaar with my friends. We stayed there for five days. The Cox's Bazaar is really a very beautiful place. We were enjoying a lot when we walked beside the beach. We took our bath in the sea before lunch.

One day in the evening we were walking beside the sea beach. At that time the sea water was coming to us. Suddenly we saw some fishing boats were laid at the sea shore. The scenery was very nice to look at. We spent some times with the fishermen and knew about their fishing experiences of the sea. There we took some pictures by the local photographer. Local guide helped us to visit Cox's Bazaar. We were enjoying those moments very much. When we back to the hotel then we were too much tired.

On the next day we went to the beach for enjoying the sun set and that day was too much wonderful for us. How beautiful the sun set was!

Another day we went to take bath at noon in the sea. Suddenly we saw the sea water was surrounding to us in every where within ten second. We could not find the way to out from there. At that time we saw a little girl was sinking in the water. We got very much afraid to see that. Then a photographer helped the little girl. He also helped us to find the way. Actually that time was a horrible experience for us that I can’t explain with words.

Cox's Bazaar is a wonderful place in our country and it is a nice place to visit. After five days we returned back in Dhaka. I can never forget those days.

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