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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nari Jibon bloggers celebrated Pahela Baishakh —2

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Nari Jibon students/bloggers Feroza Begum Poly and Afroza Akter danced with one Bengali song in the program of Baishakh celebration.


kbw said...

onek bhalo korechen! amar favourite gan! pls let the readers know the story in this song and why the woman sings...no, no, no, to the marriage gifts and proposal.....

Unknown said...

my teacher,kbw, sent me your blogsite to see your dancing. she tells me she thinks this is her favorite. I also liked it very much I hope you will put up more things for us to see. does the young woman not want to marry the cowherder for any other reason other than she just does not want to? please tell me/us?

Taslima Akter said...

hello Abbiesmom

thanks for your comments.
In this song cowherder make a marriage proposal to young lady and also says about marriage gift like shari, ornaments etc. but young lady says, no, no, I do not want gifts and also says, no, I will not marry anyone. For that she singing "korbo na to kono din biye" (will never get married). She want to live as a shakti kumary(powerful young lady).