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Monday, June 30, 2008

Wake up, woman

Translated by Kazi Rafiqul Islam
written in Bengali by Afroza Akter Kazol

Wake up, you woman

Wake up and be angry

Wake up and you will see everything

Your anger will give you everything.

Do not remain timid anymore

You have to be bold this time

Here goes the saying

People fear the strong and dominate the weak.

You will not be dominated any more

You have to wake up

You have to struggle to survive.

Only then you will be respected by the male dominated society.

Do you know woman, you are a human being made of flesh and blood?

Why, then you remain like a wooden doll?

You have to live; you have to laugh with an open mind.

Don’t think you are too small

Rather think you can do everything

Only then you can build up your life.


Kang Boim said...

hi....blog hopping here from indonesia...you have nice blog.. :D :D

rafiq said...

Thanks for your comments. We hope to see good blogs from your country

Asia Afrin Anni said...

Hi Kajol Apu, your poem is very good and it inspires me a lot.