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Friday, June 13, 2008

Woman’s rights

Translated by: Kazi Rafiqul Islam
Written in Bengali:
Afroza Akter Kajol

We are women, we are able
To do everything
We will not sit idle, helpless and repressed.
Why women will remain deprived of education?
They are the half of the society
Without them the society is paralyzed.
Women have to wake up
They have to think themselves free
They do not want negligence any more
They want dignity and honor.
Men and women both are human beings
Why the men do not realize?
Why in today’s society
Women are still slaves?
Women can also take the lead
Side by side with men
If the women sit idle
The society will not proceed
So women have to be given
Equal rights to that of men
Women can build up
They can conquer the world
Women now realize
They can do everything

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