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Friday, October 10, 2008

My Best Friend

By Ayesha Sanjida Synthia

Way in life we get many friends. Some of them are true friends. One of them can be a best friend. It means a special person who helps us where we need, stay with us when we are very sorrowful or happiness.

I have a best friend in my life. Her, name is Sadia Alam. Her nick name is Chadni. She is 15 years old. She was my classmate. Recently, we passed our S.S.C exam & she got GP- 4.00. Now, she admitted herself in Motijheel Model College in Dhaka. Chadni has a small family with four members. She, her younger sister & her parents are the members of her family. Her father is an A.S.I of Police department & her mother is a house-wife.

She is a very good girl & very helpful. She takes care of me very much. We have good understanding. She is very naughty. Nobody, can get angry on her. Chadni’s favorite color is white. Her favorite food is burger; fruit is litchi & flower is tuberose. Her favorite place is her bedroom. Her hobbies are watching TV, playing cricket, gossiping with friends, reading books, etc.

In future she wants to be a journalist. So, she wants to make strong educational back ground. Now, she works more hard to reach her dreams.

She likes to make fun with everyone. She helps me or other friends to give us good advices. So, I like her very much. My best wishes are for her. I feel very proud that she is my best friend.

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