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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Beggar in Dhaka City

written by Ayasha Siddika (Rita)

Beggar is a common project in our country. Those, the poor people, who have not any job they become beggar. Though they are begging from door to door but it is not their job. The lazy people do this. They never try to do other works and don’t try to find any work.

In our country begging is a popular project for some people. It is called project, because somebody deal this idea as their business. They make beggars and put into them in the field work. They are to fill up their targets in the whole day and hand over this begging money to their bosses.

Prophet Mohammad (SM) said, ‘Never beg and try to do some work.’ A beggar was made a woodman from His advice. He hated beggars. But now this hatred job is an expectant job for lazy people. If we make a survey, we can see that some beggars became rich. Then they took Begging as a profession. They don’t try to work at other professions but work hard in Begging.

In front of High Court Mazar, there is a platform of beggars. In the beggars they have multistoried building in Dhaka city. Few beggars are doing usury business. They are usurer.

At Uttara in Dhaka, there lived a beggar; those who has multistoried buildings and he also a usurer. A beggar can beg minimum 4 or 5 kg rice in their whole day. They sell it to their fixed shop and they take the money. They are the main rich person in our country. Funny, isn’t it!?! People of Rangpur, Shirajganj etc are taking the beggar description for their poverty.

In my view, they need food for work. This responsibility should be taken by the awareness people. They need the light of awareness about stop begging. We should give them any kind of work or profitable training. Because it is a stain for a country.

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