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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Impress Telefilm's Shajghar: Bangladeshi Cinema

Written by Taslima Akter

For Impress Telefilm
Story : Humayun Ahmed
Script & Direction : Shah Alam Kiron
Starting: Manna, Mousomi, Nipun, Ajharul Islam Khan, Dighi, Abdul Halim Ajij, Kazi Hayat, Aloka Sarker

Summarizing of a tale

A crazy boy named Asif (Manna) has gotten prize doing drama in school at teenager. He gave up his acting because his father forbade him. At the time being of watching drama he met with Lina (Mousumi) who is the daughter of a judge, Wadud Ahmed's (Kazi Hayat) . Seeing Asif's acting she greeted to join at diner with them. Gradually their relationship changed into LOVE. Being disagreement of her father, she married Asif. After marriage she not only started her acting but also join in a school as a teacher. Lina had miscarriage for two times. When she pregnant again, she left the drama group. New girl Khusum (Nipun) attended in drama group. At a first glance Khusum loved Asif. Lina could feel the feelings of Khusum. Lina requested Asif to give up acting for their child who had not yet come. Asif left acting. But she requested khusum to going on her acting life by a letter. Asif and lina's family was enlightened to come of their first daughter Chandrashila (Dighi). Time is running by. By the request of Chandrashila they went to a travel, Coxsbazar. There they were met with a famous actress Puspa. Puspa, who was the new girl in drama group. After reminiscence abiding real actress Puspa left in her goal. Asif and lina forward in their following future.

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