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Monday, June 11, 2007

Life of a Rickshaw Puller in Dhaka City of Bangladesh (Rickshaw Puller of Bangladesh)

Written & pictures taken by Taslima Akter

Rickshaw is the most important transport of Bangladesh. The driver of risqwa comes from the lower level in Bangladesh society. Many people are driving Rickshaw for livelihood. Almost Rickshaw puller comes from the village of Bangladesh. The village of Bangladesh has no enough job opportunities I want to write something about Rickshaw puller of Bangladesh. I have talked with a Rickshaw puller. His name is Misir Ali. Miser Ali has born Comilla. He is 72 years old. He has been driving Rickshaw from 1972 in Dhaka city. He got married when he was 22 years old. He is father of 6 sons and one daughter. He has no idea about family planning. Though he has big family but he was happy with his family members. He is illiterate. He doesn’t know how to read and write. He has to face a lot of problem because of his illiteracy. He wanted to make educated his sons. But they are not interested to go school. His some sons are driving Rickshaw and some are run business. But they are no taking care to him. Every son is got married and they are live separately. Rickshaw driving is hard work. Now Misir Ali can’t drive Rickshaw like before. He has lost energy to driven. Now he has driven Rickshaw 3-4days in a week. Now he wants to take respite from work. But come in last time in life he has to done hard work for livelihood.


kbw said...

bhalo korechen! good article! i look forward to many more articles from you and your students!

shub pagol nari!

Anonymous said...

Poor guy. Just goes to show you that having kids does not guarantee that you have someone to care for you when you're old. I am so happy I won't be a slave for 18 years to some kid who will abandon me when I am old.

irtiza said...

hello, nice to meet another bangladeshi blogspot blogger.

i am using one of your rickshaw pics in my blog. please don't mind. but if you have a problem with me using the pic then just write to me (hussain104@yahoo.com) and i'll remove the pic from my blog. ( but i hope u wont mind)

thanks and eid mubarak.

awedbychrist said...

God's Peace!
I loved reading your article.
I was surprised by Misr Ali's age.
God bless him.
I hope he finds some comfort and rest; maybe someone will introduce him to Jesus.
Life can be so hard!
It is helpful to read articles about common things in Bangladesh; they aren't common to most of us Americans.
I liked seeing and riding on rickshaws in Bangladesh, and I love Bangladesh.
I'll look for other articles you've written.

Unknown said...

khushi holam!!

রেজওয়ান said...

nice blog

Unknown said...

so sad.

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