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Saturday, July 21, 2007

A tale of struggled women of Bangladesh- 1

Beauty (pen name) is a girl of 21 years old. She looks very beautiful and she is brightened with smile. She was born in a lower middle class family. She studied up to class-7. She wears valuable dresses and sometimes she rides valuable car. But she is unhappy, none of her relatives like her and none of her relatives communicate with her. She lives in our society like a criminal. She also went out of our country and at present she is resident base sex worker. More details ..............

Beauty was born in a Muslim family at old Dhaka Rayer bazaar in 1986. She was the fourth child of her parents. Her father was a small business man. Her father used to run a grocery shop. Her father came from Faridpur district. Her mother was a housewife. But her mother was the permanent inhabitant of Dhaka. So in this connection they have enough maternal relatives in Dhaka. Usually Beauty or her family used to not visit their village. But sometimes her father used to visit their village where Beauty’s paternal grand parents were living. Beauty has five sisters and two brothers.

At her childhood she got admission in a school which was adjacent of their house. There was a neighboring girl who was also a student of her school. They both used to go to their school together. When she was reading in class-1, she and her friend left school and they went to the bus-stand and took seat in a bus. She and her friend did not understand where they went. Bus helpers made them out of their bus. Then they started to walk to find out their house but they failed to find out. Being weak they started to cry. Many people asked them from where they came, their address. But she could not say their address. Police took them to the police camp and next day they were sent to the Mirpur vagabond centre. Police asked her address but she knew only her members’ name. She could not say her residential area name. Few days later they were sent to the Gazipur vagabond centre. Probably it was then 1995. She had to stay in this vagabond centre for about five years. She was studying in an NGO school at vagabond centre. She studied there whole the years and she studied up class-6 in the vagabond centre school. She became close with her school teacher. Then Beauty could say her school’s name where she studied at her early life. Then her vagabond school teacher communicated with her school and found her parents. Then her parents released her from the vagabond centre. Her parents tried to find out her at the beginning time. But being failure they gave up searching her. Her parents and other relatives thought that Beauty got died. Her mother and other members of her family became very happy to find her after long days.

After coming to her family she started to live with her birth family happily. She took admission in a high school in class-6 again. Beside her study she also took admission in a coaching centre where she used learn dancing. That coaching centre was situated near her dwelling place. Dancing was favorite hobby from her childhood and she could dance well at her childhood. After one year or when she was reading in class-seven she started to dance in many ceremonies and she started to receive money 1000 taka per program. Day by day she became known to many persons as a dancer. She was passing her time very happily.

Next parts of her life history will come soon.....................

1. An accidental occurrence in her life and how she involved in sex working profession?

2. How and why she went to the Dubai? How she passed one year in the Dubai?

3. Description of her present resident based sex working profession and present life?


Katie said...

I'm looking forward to reading Beauty's continuing story. Thank you for the wonderful post!

Oneza said...

Thanks for bringing up the unknown and untold stories of many women of Bangladesh.

Baplu said...

Can you connect with me - Pravakar Bain