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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A tale of struggled women of Bangladesh- 2

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Beauty was passing her life happily with her study and dance program. Then an incident happened in her life which changed her life. A local young mastan (muscle man) was living same lane of their house who wanted to get marry her and he tried to make a relation with Beauty but Beauty used to avoid him and she refused to make relation with him. He was local terror and some police cases were filed against him. One day one of her friend (with whom she learned dancing) and her elder brother came to visit her house. When they were leaving Beauty’s house that mastan insulted them. But Beauty informed that her friend and her elder brother were beating and kept in a house. Hearing that news Beauty went that mastan and that man took Beauty in a house where was none. That man raped Beauty forcefully. Many people were informed that incident in her locality and some local alert persons proposed Beauty’s guardians and that mastan’s guardians to give them in marriage. At the beginning time Beauty was not agreed but later she became agreed to get married him. But Beauty’s maternal uncles were not agreed with that marriage and they wanted to give in marriage to another where. For this purpose Beauty was sent to Narayangonja to one of her maternal aunt’s house. There she was shown to many bridal parties due to give her in marriage. At last her guardians finally selected a boy her marriage. But she did not like that boy. Already her guardians and aunt started buying marriage equipments (sharee, ornaments and some other things). Before two days ago of her marriage she left away her aunt’s house with her purchasing things for her marriage. Then she went to one of her maternal cousin’s home who also lived in Narayangonja which was situated beside Narayangonj city.

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written by Golam Rabbani Sujon

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