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Saturday, July 28, 2007

A tale of struggled women of Bangladesh - 3

After leaving her house she took shelter to her cousin’s husband’s family. There was a small river to go to her cousin’s husband’s house. But the financial condition was not well. Beauty used to help her cousin financially selling her ornaments and other things which she bought for her marriage. There was a garment worker who lived near her cousin’s house. That garment worker advised her to work in the garment factory. She also thought that she needs to pass and earning some money. Then she joined in a garment factory which was situated at Narayangonj. She joined there as a helper and her salary was held below 1000 taka per month. She had to use a boat as transportation to cross the river. She could not work in this garment factory one month too. One day she introduced with a girl who was passing the river in same boat. She also lived in same area where Beauty used to live. Beauty informed that she was doing a good job and she received a handsome salary. Beauty talked with that girl in the boat and they became close. Next day Beauty also met with her and made a good relation with her. Beauty also proposed her to give a job with handsome salary. The name of that girl was Sultana and she was about 25 years old. Beauty stopped going to the garment factory. Next day Beauty met with Sultana and they both went to the Narayangonj. Sultana took her several houses and office but Beauty could not understand her profession. Sometimes Sultana went to several houses alone for the time being and Beauty had to wait for her. Beauty understood that Sultana had good relation with many young men. Sometimes Sultana introduced her with some young men as her cousin. Sultana and her friends (young men) often offered her good food like snacks, cold drinks etc. they had also took lunch in restaurant which was costly. Whole day Beauty passed with her and enjoyed rickshaw journey. Beauty asked her about her job when they were returning home. Sultana replied that next day she would take her in an office. Next day Beauty also went to her and they both went to the Narayangonj. They passed most of the time in the district court area and Sultana met with some guys. In the meantime she introduced with her with a young pretty boy. Sultana went alone to some where keeping her with that boy. After office period they went to a house where they took rich evening breakfast. They also took bear (wine) and offered Beauty. Then Sultana told to Beauty about her profession, income and working process and she also told her she could do if she wishes. Beauty also took Bear (wine). After completing Sultana’s works and breakfast she wanted to return home but Beauty did not want to return from that house as she became agreed to pass that night with that pretty boy due to earning money. So, Sultana went to her house but Beauty passed night in that house. Whole night they enjoyed. In the morning that pretty boy gave her 5000 taka and Beauty returned her house. From that day Beauty started to work as a residence based sex worker. Beauty also started to work coming to Dhaka with Sultana. Beauty also started to pass night in the workplace. Though she was spending money at her cousin’s family, they did not behave with her well. They did not want to keep Beauty with them. They doubted Beauty as bad girl. In the meantime Beauty became introduced with many sex workers and clients. Then Beauty started to live with a woman at Mohammadpur, Dhaka. One of her client helped her to live here. That client was a Union Council Chairman (Public representative of local govt. elected) who lived at Pabna District. Sometimes he used to come at Dhaka and lived with Beauty. That chairman also used to give Beauty’s house rent and some extra money for her personal expenditure. He used to want Beauty to stop sex working profession. Beauty said that he spent a lot of money for her. But Beauty used to continue her profession when he did not stay in Dhaka. That chairman used to come in Dhaka in every one or two months and he lived in Dhaka one or two days.

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