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Monday, July 30, 2007

A tale of struggled women of Bangladesh - 4

written by Golam Rabbani Sujon

In 2002, she became very close with a police surgeon who wanted to get married her. They became very close and she trusted him very much but at the end he refused to get married her. She spent enough time and money. She shocked and suffered long days. On the other hand she was not satisfied with her present profession. The family members of her birth family and other relatives did not like her. At the beginning time her guardians tried to stop her way but then she did not obey their words. She tried to avoid her guardians and relatives but now family members don’t want to keep her with them. She was not feeling well to continue her present profession. Being much fasted she was thinking to any how she would stop her profession. In the meantime one of her relative offered her to go to the abroad and he also told her that he would help her to go to the abroad. Her relative wanted 12000 taka for sending Dubai. Beauty collected some money from her savings and she took some money from her mother. Her relative told that she would get two years free visa. So she could do any job in Dubai. Her relative also told that at Dubai he had a friend who would receive her and he might get married her if she would like him. Beauty went to Dubai in the middle of 2004. After going to Dubai Beauty started to live with that guy. She was unemployed few days and then she took a job in a beauty parlor. Once she also worked as a cleaner in the hope of earning some more money. But she was in problem with that guy as he did not want to get married but he was living with her without any marital tie. He did not harass her but he did not to leave her. Then Beauty thought that any how she would earn much money and she would run business in Bangladesh with that money. She also wanted to stay there several years to make cash. But day by day that guy became rude to her. He did not like her to work which time he stayed at home. He enjoyed her whole night and at the end he offered her to sex with some of her friends. Then Beauty tried to take shelter another where. At last she took decision that she would leave that country. After living only one year she returned to Bangladesh. In the meantime she sent 70,000 taka to her mother and she was able take 20,000 taka when she returned in Bangladesh. She said that at the end she thought that it would be better to continue sex work at native country as she had to sex randomly at foreign country.

After returning in Bangladesh several weeks she did not continue sex working profession. Then she started to live with her birth family. But few weeks later she again started to move to and fro again. Then again she started to continue her old profession which she could not continue living with her birth family. Then she took shelter to a woman who was her known before. She started to live with her as a paying guest. That woman was aware about her profession. She also got scope to work in an NGO as a field worker. She worked there for about five months. She used to continue her sex working profession. Now she is running her profession randomly.

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