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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A tale of struggled women of Bangladesh - 5

There are many residence based sex working spots in Dhaka city. Usually she knows many sex working spots and she has connection with many women brokers who run these spots. She looks beautiful than some other sex workers. She also wears nice and valuable dresses. She also has some permanent clients who are rich. So, she has much demand in this sector. Usually she collects clients through her cell phone. Almost everyday she receives much phone call from the clients. But she can not give time everyone and she also does not work too much in a day. In last 14th July she had sex with only three clients. There is not fixed amount in residence based sex working. It depends on sex worker, clients and brokers. Usually she works two ways. Sometimes she collects clients and she fixed money talking with clients. Sometimes brokers phone to her but her brokers knows that she does not take less than 1000 taka per program per clients. If she takes clients to any broker’s house she gives broker at least 500 taka. She also said that there are many sex workers who receive less than 500 taka per program. It depends on sex worker’s demands. She said that 13th July she passed with a client whole night at his house and next day she received 5000 taka.

At the end of her interview she said that after starting sex working profession she worked (2001) in a HIV/AIDS research survey project where was she was trained on HIV/Aids. After that she did not have sex with any client with out condom. She spoiled huge money earning from sex working profession but after returning from Dubai she started to save money and now she already saved more than 20 mission taka.


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