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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Village, Besides the River Meghna

by Taufiqa Farzana

ID # 617

Hello, I am a student of Honors. I would like to share about my village to all the readers. May be it is not a well-known village to all. But I think my village is the best village in the world. I was born in my village. That’s why I will write something about my village.

My Village name is Baloakandii. Thana – Gojaria, District-- Munshigonj. It is situated at the side of Meghna River. Our village is very beautiful. About ten thousand people live here. Most of them are Muslim. There are many kinds of people live in my village. Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christians and other religious people live here. They are very simple and honest. They want to live in peace and harmony. They share others sorrows and sufferings. The main occupation of the villagers is agriculture. There are also some people of other occupation. Some people are educated. Some people are teacher, officers and some people whisk in the filed. There are three primary schools, three mosques, and two madrashas, three muktabs and two colleges in our village. There is also a park in our village. There is much tabulation in our village. Our communication is very good. There is a post office and market place in the village. There is also a hospital. Every house has a garden. All house wives are active in their work and careful for their children. All children go to primary school, high school and college. They can also play in the school field. There are many trees, ponds in our Village. There are many tub-wells in every house. There is also sanitary latrine in every house. We have electricity in every house. Our village is an ideal Village. I love my village very much. I am proud to born here. I love my Village very much.

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