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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Crow: A Familiar Bird of Bangladesh

By Tahmina Akter
ID - 552

I am Tahmina Akter. We know about many birds. Among these birds I have tried to write something about the crow. The crow is a familiar and common bird of Bangladesh. It is very black and ugly to look at. The crow has two wings and a small head with two bright eyes. Its’ nails are very sharp. Its’ body is covered with black feathers. There are many kinds of crows. The Reaven is the biggest of all. We can see the white crows in Australia. Crows are found to all over the world. Crows live on fish and flesh. It eats almost every thing. The crow is a very nasty bird. It is always restless. It disturbs us all time and all day. It is a very clever bird. It steals eggs; fish, food from our house. It builds its’ nest on a tall tree and strong pipe to lay its eggs. The crow has strong fellow feelings. But its voice is very harsh. They scream all the time. That’s why people do not like crows. The crows live near the house of people.
Crows do some good things for us also. It eats dead animals and dirty things. They help us to keep our environment clean.

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Unknown said...

really it is awesome and u helped me alot by this writing I am going to collect some points and drop it to my essay thank u so much!!!!!