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Nari Jibon Project seeks to increase our students’ and staffs’ abilities through different ways: classes, practice, computers, internet, and now the Narijibon Blog. Readers and writers (our students & staff) of the Blog will both learn about our lives, culture, Nature, activities of people in Bangladesh and the Nari Jibon Project.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Profile of Nari Jibon bloggers

Kazi Rafiqul Islam

My name is kazi Rafiqul Islam. My nick name is Rafiq. I was born in a village named Char Aicha of Barisal district in the year 1963 in a muslim family.
My father was a Village doctor (Local medical fellow). He was also a farmer. He died of heart failure in the year 1991.My mother was a house wife. She can not work now due to old age. She is eighty five years running. We were four brothers and five sisters. I am youngest son of my parents. Two of my elder brothers died of heart failure in the past two years. My eldest brother was a business man and my immediate elder brother was serving in Bangladesh garments manufacturers and importers associations as chief accountant. All of my sisters are married and living with their respective family. My only living brother Prof. Dr. Kazi Nurul Islam is in Dhaka University. He is the founder chairman of the department of World Religion. He was also former chairman of the Department of Philosophy. He is now in USA as a Senior Fulbright scholar. His wife Prof. Dr. Azizun Naher Islam is the chairman of the department.
Two of my sisters are living in Dhaka near by my resident at Monipur, Mirpur-2.. Two sisters are living in Barisal and one sister is living in Cox’s Bazar. My mother is living in village where my father and two elder brothers were buried. We tried to take her Dhaka but she does not want to leave that place. She say’s in this respect that she can see her two son’s everyday but if she is taken to Dhaka how she would see them.
I grew up in village and completed my primary education (Up to class five) from village primary school. Then I came to Dhaka and got admitted in Dhaka Udayon high school. I used to live at my elder brother’s house (Dhaka university teachers quarters) I studied up to class eight in this school and then again go to Barisal and got admitted in Shayestabad High school (in my village). I completed my Secondary school certificate course from this school. Then I got admitted in Barisal B. M College and completed higher secondary school certificate course from this college. I completed my B.S.S Hons and M.S course (bachelor of social science; in political science and Masters of social Science in political science) from Dhaka University.
Since my childhood I liked traveling. I liked to see new place and new people in the morning after woke up from bed. I used to visit my relatives houses who were living far away from my village. To see new place, new people, to know about their culture etc I several times fled away from my house with some money from my brothers pocket and or from his cash box. I used to come back when my money was finished. In this way I traveled most of the places of our country. I learned many things about people their lifestyle, their culture, food etc but it affected a bit of my study. When I was in School I was known as a good student. But due to my traveling/mentality I could not concentrate to my study and for that reason my exam result was not so good.
Since my childhood I used to read many books besides some selected book for my class. When I was Dhaka I used to go to Dhaka public library almost every day. I read most of the books that were for the growing aged children. But I did not like to appear before exam and for that reason I willingly missed many exams.
I was also very much fond of watching movie of home and abroad. I knew in every film shooting are taken in their countries nicest places. They show their culture, nature etc in the movies that attracted me very much. Several times in my student life I went to watch movie telling my parents/relatives that I am going to school or college.

In our country children are generally asked what they want to be in future. I was also asked. I told that I would like to be lawyer. I do not know why I told that. When I grew up and understood what lawyers do. I was bit upset. I knew lawyers can make an innocent man/woman guilty and at the same time they also can save a man/woman from punishment using law. People call it law business!!! People are getting punishment with out doing any guilt/offence and some people are saved by the lawyers who are really guilty. People might differ with my thought/comments but I really think so. I saw a man who was with me all day long but he was charged for murder in village and later he was sentenced to death for murder. I came to know about it later and I was seriously shocked to hear it. Any way I lost my aim in life. I did not think what I will do in future. I was continuing my studies and sometimes I used to go out of my resident to see new places, new people etc as I did before.
In my higher secondary exam I got highest marks in Economics but I got the opportunity to study in political science which I did not like. In our country most of the student can not study on the subject that they really like. Through study in political science I learned about politics, international politics, what a politician do, how politicians go into power what technique they use to get in power again etc. I had the opportunity to read Machiavelli’s The Politics.” I was surprised to read it.
As I did not like the subject my Hons and Masters results were not so good (Both were second class). My elder brother asked me to join in a college. But I did not agree. I told him “I did not like the subject/politics, how would I teach the student about politics”.
After completion of my study I started to work in a consulting firm where I worked for five years. In that consulting firm I was assigned to conduct/implement different types of research works in different area of the country. I was happy with the job as I could move around the country.
After leaving the consulting firm I joined in a business firm named Dekko accessories limited. I was assigned to implement an industrial project. But I could not continue the job as I had to give bribe (ghush) to get some work done from Bank and other Govt. organization that I did not like and for that reason I gave up that job. Later I joined ICDDR, B where I was also engaged in different types of research activities. I worked in International centre for diarrhoeal research Bangladesh (ICDDR, B) for about six years. I also had to leave the job due to transfer problem. I was transferred in a remote area of the country. I request the authority to change their decision but they did not change. Then I left the job considering my son’s education.
After leaving the Job I was unemployed for some months. I was looking for a good job. At that time I got to know about Prof. Kathryn Word from one of my relative who was working in ICDDR,B. My relative gave me her phone # and asked me to contact with her. I talked to her over phone. She informed me that she was looking for a supervisor for her research project and asked me to send my Curriculum vitae. I did so and few days later I was called for an interview. I was selected for the post. In the year 2003 I joined in her research project. It was a two years longitudinal project (2003-2005) between SIU-IUB (Southern Illinois University, USA and Independent University of Bangladesh). This project was collaborated Research on “Economic Restructuring, women work, and empowerment in Bangladesh.” She (Prof. Dr. Kathryn B.Ward, Executive director of Nari Jibon Project) was the principal investigator of that project. She is also the founder of Nari Jibon Project.

Through the research project I came closer to her; I got to know about her, her thoughts, aspirations etc. I must say that she is one of best lady that I have seen in my life who cries for the welfare of women of our country.
In the month of December 2005 her Research project was shifted to Nari Jibon Project office. Prof. Ward opened research section in Nari Jibon Project. In January 2006 I was appointed as Director of Nari Jibon research cell. Recently I was appointed as a Project Director of Nari Jibon Project.
Nari Jibon Project is to provide services and support to women students and workers of Bangladesh to receive basic educational and technological skills for employment, income-generation, empowerment, and business development. The project also provides connections to on-going employment, education, and livelihood opportunities, conducts and publishes quality research on these issues.
The courses of Nari Jibon Project are:
Bengali Course: For illiterate and low educated women.
Tailoring Course: Both low educated and educated women can do this course.
Computer Course: Educated women can do this course. They can learn
Computer Basic and Office Program, Computer Hardware &Trouble shooting, Graphics and Web Designing,
Beside these, to increase their skill they have the opportunity to learn English, Photography and know about ICT Magazine from Nari Jibon. Without these, we have Research Section where we have skilled manpower and equipments to conduct research on different issues.

To increase staff/student’s creativity on the different area Nari Jibon has setup an English & Bangla blog recently. Blogging is also a part of each course curricula.
We have got to know that blogging is a new way of learning, knowing the recent events, ideas and thoughts through website. We also have got to know that it is a web based diary where any one can write about them, their feelings, aspiration, and thoughts on different topics of home and abroad. It will give us our own voice on the web. Blog is the way to share ideas thoughts with others. People can organize their thoughts through blog. Blogging means working with many different media with emphasis on more writing.

So, I hope our staff and Students will be benefited through blogging. As a director of the project I have been backing the blog activities along with other programs here at Dhaka. But I could not give much effort on blog activities so far specially in giving posts on it. I hope to start giving posts soon.
I am committed to Narijibon. My goal/objective is to make the project a success and I will leave no stone unturned to make it success.

P.S. Sorry I forgot to tell about my wife and children. When I was a student of Masters final year I fell in love with a nice girl. I saw her in my younger sisters’ house. Her name is Tora. I fall in love with her at the first sight. She was one of the neighbors of my sister. My sister introduced her to me. She gave me salam and told me kemon achen (How are you?). I could not forget her saying,”Kemon achen?” As yet I remember her that nice sentence/voice. Any ways, we got married in the year 1993 (16, April) when I was in consulting firm. We have one son and one daughter. Our son Kazi Moinul Islam (Moin) is nine years old. He is reading in class three in Monipur high school and my lovely daughter’s name is Radia. She is two years running. We are happy with our children. We love each other very much. We tell each others what happens all the day. We share our happiness, sorrow tension/anxieties. I am very much proud of having a nice lady as my wife/my life partner.

Taslima Akter

"Taslima akter toma is my full name and nick name is Toma. I pass my childhood in different mini town of Bangladesh. Now I am live in Dhaka city. I am a student of Computer Science & Engineering. I am working at Narijibon project as a computer teacher. As a Bangladeshi I like my country. I like different season of Bangladesh and my favorite season is winter & spring.
My favorite Man is Prophet Muhammad (SM.) and my favorite personality is Dr. Kathryn B Ward. I like to read and write story and my most favorite story in bangla : Haymonti by Rabindranath and Bilashi by Sharat Chandra. My favorite male Writer is Sri Sharat Chandra Chatopoddai (I like his book chandranath so much) and favorite female writer Begum Rokeya Shakhawat Hossain. I am always interested to know different culture.
I am enjoying every time because time never return but most favorite time is evening twilight. I like to read and write blog. I am feeling proud to work with Nari jibon and work on the Nari jibon blog. Hope that we can illustrate the different story around the people, culture and some different things of Bangladesh. The people around the world will read the Narijibon English and bangla blog and also know more about our country."

Md. Golam Rabbany

"My name is Mohammad Golam Rabbany but my nick name is Sujan. I was born in Tangail district where I passed my early life. After passing SSC (Secondary school certificate) I came to Dhaka to get higher education in 1991. I took admission at Govt. Titumir College from where I passed HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate). Then I completed BSS (honors in Economics) and MSS (Master in Economics) from Govt. Jagannath College University. In I988 (when I was reading in class-9), I got scope to work as a research assistant under a University Professor (Anthropology) who was a Japanese. Then I got chance to know women life, beggars life and other informative issues in our society. I had to also work during my student life with some Dhaka University’s professors in various issues like as local govt. and NGS activities (more than two years). After completing my study I worked on sex workers several years. I was able to know their lives, behavior, health and other issues. Sometimes I used to write in a Journal named Nirmul a quarterly Health Journal of BAPS (Bangladesh Aids Prevention Society). After that I joined in a collaborative research project SIU-IUB (Southern Illinois University, USA and Independent University of Bangladesh). This project was collaborative Research on Economic Restructuring, Women’s Work, and Empowerment in Bangladesh. There our target people were Garment worker, Sex worker, House maid and Slum housewife. Now I am working in Nari Jibon as research supervisor where women from various sectors come to take alternative skills to develop their lives and everyone gets opportunity to write in the blog and website to develop their skills more.
I had to also visit some more districts in Bangladesh due to data collection/ job responsibilities and I observed and faced many interesting things and events. As I am aware on some more neglected sectors/issues in our society and where we find some more unknown data I hope that I would be able to write some interesting and informative theme or topics that people in the world will read the Nari Jibon blog and learn about our country and people.
I got married in 29th April, 2006. My wife’s name is Evana Jerin Shila, aged 27. She also completed her master degree with honors in Sociology. She is working as a housewife. She also gave birth to a female child 13th April 2007. Our baby is named “Evana Kathryn” (taking permission from my Boss). I am happy with wife and child."

Mohtarimun Nahar [Bipa].

"I am Mohtarimun Nahar [Bipa]. I was born at Dhaka in Bangladesh. My home district is Jamalpur. But I grew up in Dhaka. I completed my Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C.) in 1998 and Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C.) in 2000 from Viqarunnisa Noon School & College under the Dhaka Board. I completed my Honors (2005) and Masters (Appeared, 2007) in Social Welfare from Eden Girls’ College. I did some internship programs in Dhaka Medical College Hospital and Urban Social Service (Project-2) as a field worker. In these programs, different kinds of patients and people were selected as clients and they were provided the supports by case study, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. The Case was studied by taking interview, home visit, observation, case record and consultation. These experiences help me to work with Women Cooperative Business of Nari Jibon Project (2006). I completed some courses on Toefl, Spoken English and Microsoft Office Program. When I completed my Honors; I joined In Nari Jibon Project as an English Teacher (2005). I also assist here in Microsoft Office Program class (2007).

Now I have involved in Blog project as a supervisor. Actually it’s a new experience for me. I didn’t have any ideas on Blog. We can share our culture to other countries and meet with different people through this Blog. I wish people of other countries will read the Nari Jibon Blog and learn about Bangladeshi culture and people. I am very excited for that.

My father is a doctor and my mother is the best mother in the world to me. We are three brothers and two sisters. The eldest brother lives in Australia and the eldest sister lives in U.S.A. The other two brothers live in Bangladesh. One of them is doing a business and other is a lecturer of a Private University. I am the youngest member of my family. I love to watch cricket match and read journal, magazines and books. I like traveling and shopping with my friends. I also love watching TV and listening music a lot. I respect my elders and hate liars. My birthday is on 10th September.

My aim is to pursue a career in the field of Administration, with particular emphasis on areas of social work, with a view to accomplish extensive research work in the operating of National or Multinational Organization, in order to enable them to play a pivotal role in the Economic development of the country."

Shamima Akter

"I am Shamima Akter but everyone calls me Shikha, my nickname. Though my home district is Comilla but my parents came to Dhaka before birth.I grew up in Dhaka with my birth family. I have completed Secondary School Certificate and higher Secondary Certificate under the Dhaka Board. I have two sisters and two brothers and I am third issue of my parents. I worked in a NGO as a teacher where I used to teach `Kormajibi shisu' working children. I worked January 1998 to July 2004. Then I joined in Nari Jibon project until now. I am unmarried and I am living with my family. As I worked with many vulnerable children and family; I think, I will be able to write many informative reports on Bangladesh vulnerable women and their family. I think my efforts would be valuable for the Nari Jibon blog about Bangladesh and our people."

Mayanur Akter Maya

"My name is Mayanur but everyone calls me Maya. I was born at Chandpur district in Bangladesh. I passed my early life at Chandpur with my birth family. After passing SSC (secondary school certificate) in 1994 I took admission at Motlob Roymonennessa women’s college from where I passed HSC (Higher secondary certificate) and BA (Bachelor of Arts). I came in Dhaka to get higher education in 1998. I took admission at Shidershori College and university. Then I completed MA (Master in Islam studies).

I joined in a school named Nandikula Adorsho Junior School as a teacher. I worked there February 1997 to November 1998. After coming to Dhaka I joined in Kids school named “Nurjahan Academy” as teacher. I worked there about two years. I got married in 6th October, 2000. My husband’s name is Kazi Zakir Hossen, aged 35. He also completed his master degree Dhaka University. He is working as Computer graphics designer in Media Company named “The Daily Prothom Alo”. I gave birth to a female child in June 2003. Now she is about four years old and she already started to go the school. I am happy with my family.

As I worked a as teacher long days and I was introduced with many families low and middle class families in our society, I hope I’ll be able to write some interesting topics on them which people in the world can read and know us and our country."

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