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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Teaching is a noble and honorable profession

Written by Nasima Akter Moly

Hello readers. I am a student of Dhaka University. I would like to share with you that how important the role of the teachers for our life and nation. Teaching is a noble and honorable profession because teachers can build up people, a society or a nation through teaching. Actually teachers are valuable assets in our country. The nation may expect to get an honest and sincere teacher. Teachers always try to teach the higher studies among all the students. They can help to awake their students. They also can make the students as an honest, ideal and sincere people. They try to help to enhance confidence. A good teacher can bring out hidden qualities from each student. As a result the whole country will be able to become an educated and skilled nation through their teaching. When I admitted in Dhaka University then everything were unknown to me. I didn’t have any ideas about the other people, economy, cultural association and religion etc. But now I’ve totally changed within 4/5 years. All of teachers of our Dhaka University are wise and honorable person. They teach us on social equality, good behavior, sovereignty, liberty, our history and current situation. They didn’t keep limit of our knowledge on few books. A teacher can become a good friend. They solve our problems as like as our parents. Sometimes teacher can behave rude to teach and enhance our prosperity. They give their valuable advice for removing our critical crisis. They also show us how well we can serve our nation and we will do work for our future. But sometimes we see teachers are enrolled in corruption. Hence we are really shocked. Because they are the architect of the nation and we learn from them many things. We should earn more knowledge; so that we can reach to our destination. Without teachers we can’t learn properly. If all qualities remain with us; such as-- honesty, integrity, sincerity, modesty, loyalty and patriotism; it will be very easy to reach to our destination. These qualities will help you to become autonomous; that we can earn by learning from teachers.

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