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Nari Jibon Project seeks to increase our students’ and staffs’ abilities through different ways: classes, practice, computers, internet, and now the Narijibon Blog. Readers and writers (our students & staff) of the Blog will both learn about our lives, culture, Nature, activities of people in Bangladesh and the Nari Jibon Project.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Bloggers profile (Students)

Shahana Akter

"My name is Shahana Akter Munia. I live in Dhaka City with my family. I am a student of B.A [Bachalor of Arts]. Beside this I am an English and Computer student of Nari Jibon Project. I am very glad to take training from this project in a safe environment. I have many friends. I like to gossip with my friends. Reading detective book is my hobby. I like to see Bengali movie. Some of my favorite Bengali movies are: SHUVA, JOY JATRA. I also like to hear music of Bengali Band. I am very happy to involve here in Nari Jibon Blog. I want to write about our country and myself. I am very happy to get this great opportunity from Nari Jibon."

Tahmina Akter

"My name is Tahmina Akter. I was born at Dhaka in Bangladesh. I am Bangladeshi. My religion is Islam. I have completed my secondary school certificate (S.S.C) in 2006 and now I am a student of H.S.C [Higher Secondary Certificate] second year in business study group in Khilgoan Model University College.

I am taking courses on English and Computer from Nari Jibon. I heard about Narijibon from my friend Ayesha Akter. I admitted here in English-2 and computer class. I am really happy to admit here. Because I think I have improved my skills in English and got knowledge on computer. I wish that I will be able to do something in future. It’s a new experience for me. I am just trying to write. I didn’t know about Blog before. Now I am writing for Blog. I am very happy to be a part of this Blog Project of Nari Jibon. We can share our culture to other countries through Blog. Narijibon is really a good organization for women. I like watching TV and reading story books."

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