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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Child beggar

Written & Picture taken by Amita Roy

She is a street child beggar. She doesn’t get enough food from her family to fulfill her stomach. So she searches food from door to door. Her parents are not able to give food as much as her need. So she thinks it is better for her to beg. When her family members go to work outside then she starts begging.

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In the rich family we can see that their children are not interested to take much food. Some time they spoil food when they have no interest to have them.

The street children cannot get food properly. But one thing, to serve their lives they roam in different places and therefore they get a little food. At the beginning of their lives they see the cruel picture of the world. Some people say that the beggars are shameless but they do not feel how it is tough to beg daily. Actually the little street children struggle to live being a citizen. We should save them from begging occupation.

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