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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Street Beggar

By Zannat Ara Amzad

‘Pai dia jan, pai dia jan,
Pai dia jan ………….’

It is not a poem. This ‘Pai’ means Coin. It is a dialog of a street beggar. He is a blind man. He has white hair. He is 70 years old. I knew about this man before 15 years. But his look, get up didn’t change. All time he wears a white t-shirt and white sky color grameen cheak lungi. He retains an aluminum bowl; a bag and a stick for standing. And all time he says his dialogue “Pai dia jan, Pai dia jan”.

One day I asked him, what is ‘Pai dia jan’? I also asked his name. But he didn’t answer my question. He seemed that he didn’t hear my question. But actually he did. Maybe he didn’t want to answer my question. Then he just repeated “Pai dia jan” ………. Always I see him begging in Goran, Basabo, Shantibag.

Another day I again asked him the same question. Then he informed me that the “Pai dia jan” dialogue’s “Pai” word is quite attractive in Shadarghat terminal. That is why he uses this word. He also said, “Pai” word is same to him as getting anything or taking coin. In Bengali ‘Pai’ means ‘I get’ and ‘Dia jan’ means ‘Give me’. In some local area ‘Pai’ means Coin.

When I wanted to know about his family member, he answered me that he doesn’t have any family. He is single. Then I asked him again, how does he spend the earning money from his begging? He answered me, he takes his breakfast with ‘Panta’ rice, he takes loaf as lunch and in the dinner he eats just hot boiled rice. When he can save some money then he tries to travel to different places; where no crowds and just green trees are all-around. Then I asked him that why does he want to go to this type of place? He answered me that he is blind. He just wants to feel the silence of nature. He wants to smell the green trees and fresh air. He thinks that God has gifted a power of smelling and feeling to the blind people.

Almost 2 years I didn’t see him. I don’t know he is alive or not. May be any time at any place I will hear ---------------------

‘Pai dia jan, pai dia jan,
Pai dia jan ………….’


boliviaindigena said...

I write from El Alto, Bolivia.
I find your article interesting.
What type of help does old and poor people receive there?


Kira Kariakin said...

This is a very beautiful story. Full of compassion and melancholy.

Zahid said...

I don't know....

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