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Friday, November 2, 2007

still waiting on justice for nadine & rahela

(Sorry to disturb these wonderful posts in English and Bangla--Dr. Kathryn B. Ward)

Some news-update on Rahela and Nadine cases:

In regard to Justice for Rahela, witness(es) in the Rahela case DID NOT show up in court. The court proceedings have been DELAYED until first week of January 2008. Perhaps various petitioners and women's groups in Bangladesh should request a SPEEDY TRIAL for Rahela's case, who died in September 2004.

In regard to Justice for Nadine, her accused husband, Sajid Huq, a graduate student at Columbia University did not show up for his hearing in New York City in response to his many charges for the abuse/rape of his wife (Nadine). He is absconding somewhere in NYC or elsewhere.

My thoughts are with Nadine (and her safety) and for the soul of Rahela (and other working women who risk their lives going to and from work and ordinary activities).

For more details and actions that we can take to talk with one another and keep attention on these two cases, see Bideshi Blue.

I now return you to the wonderful stories and work of the Nari Jibon women and staff who are writing and working with English and Bangla blogs, computers, cameras, and other outside the box skills for Bangladeshi women.

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