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Saturday, November 17, 2007

cyclone sidr & updates 17-18 nov on relief efforts--what can you do?

Abar from USA and Kathryn Ward and updated 17 nov 07 pm usa time (18 november dhaka dupur)

Assorted agencies are beginning to realise the magnitude of the disaster as the death toll has risen above 2, 000 persons (updated usa pm 17 nov) and many more injured, loss of dwellings, animals, crops, and possessions. Electricity or current continues to be out in Dhaka and other parts of Bangladesh owing to collapse of power grid and no potable water. According to a CNN source, return of electricity will take much time, even weeks, but power and 'normalcy' is beginning to be restored to Dhaka (and water pumps) along with mobile networks and long queues at CNG stations. Already Bangladesh had been experiencing much loadshedding (electricity outages) even before the storm. Bangladeshis are resilient, but still the cumulative challenges post cyclone are beshi (excess).

For updates, disaster maps, and information on relief efforts-agencies for donations, first read Rezwan's insightful post on "How can you help Bangladesh cyclone victims?" Also check back often to his post because he continues to update, such as this link to Drishtipat-Unheard Voices on how people outside of Bangladesh can help and mobilize.... and then you can also see some more sources on Bideshi Blue.

My thoughts continue to be with Bangladesh, flood-affected people, friends, and the near and dear ones of Nari Jibon Staff.

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