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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I am from a Middle Class Family

By Sherin Sultana

‘My life is in middle class
Middle class is in my mind,
And for that I can never be exceptional’

I was born in a middle class family. I never calculate what I got in my life and what I didn’t. If there is two taka in my hand then one taka I spend for myself and the other one I save for the next. I always travel by bus, not by rickshaw. In this way so many times I try to save money to buy a good dress or anything else. But the other needs of my life can’t be fulfilled by this way.

I never find my mother to loose her courage in any situation. I find her loves in her tension and being concern for us on her face. Our wants are very little, so we become satisfied by fulfilling the little needs. What we gain in our lives is only by our own effort. And we really feel proud for that.

We don’t have abundance of money. If our watches become useless, we change only the belt or battery and change those again and again. But we never change the dial or buy a new one. If our shoes get useless we try once again to add another sole. We can’t expect more than enough to our necessity. Our self respect is very high so we can’t want something to anybody. If we don’t have anything then we try to get those by our own ability. Our life is measured and tied by the circle of middle class. We are to calculate till the last day of our lives. If we want to go out from this the calculation will be disordered.

The relation between our families and relatives are very hard and so our thinking and decisions are not solitary. We are to take combine decisions. We can’t express all the feelings with our family for the social rules. If we love somebody we can’t express that to our favorite person.

The life of a middle class doesn’t make me sorrow. To me, the life is valueless for the lower class people and the reality doesn’t touch the upper class’s people. Maybe I am wrong. But the real taste of life can be enjoyed only in the middle class. It’s the life that has sorrows, pains, love, affection and unlimited respect.


Momin said...

You said it so nicely. It sound very real. I enjoyed it.
Keep on going , society hangs on the strength of the middle class.

Unknown said...

It is the child(62yrs old) of a Bangaldeshi mother who recorded a part of what happened in Dhaka on 25March 1971
it can be seen in facebook by typing operation searchlight in the search box.
She was awarded RATNAGARVA in 2009 by Azad products.
Her family had solid contribution in the 1971 Mukti juddha.

Prof. monira Hossian

Unknown said...

At present I am working on a book adding the numerous "account books" that my late gold medalist father(of Barisal Zilla School:BZS-1930) kept throughout his life starting from his first day at BM College, Barisal in 1930.
And I wish to organise a seminar on BZS compound in 2012 connecting his 100th Birthday with the introduction of ICT in school and college level by the present Government.

I will need sponsorship, any one to help?

Unknown said...
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