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Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Life of Slum People

By Nina Sultana (Mim)

Bangladesh is a developing country. Our country is a small and poor country. Our country is also over populated. Thousands of people are living below poverty level. Some are living in slums. Slum dwellers are helpless and shelter less. They live in slums in an inhuman condition.

Near my home I had gone to a slum and saw their poverty and difficult life style so closely. I talked with some people, they are: Nurul Amin, Jarina Begum and their six children. They were very happy to talk with me. They told me about all of their problems and poverty.

Slum people are deprived and neglected from all kinds of human rights .They can’t have fresh food, water and good shelter. These people can’t send their children to any school to get proper education. But education is the back bone of a nation. No man or nation can prosper in life without education. They live in dirty environment. It seems to me that their position is very bad.

After visiting there I felt that the slum dwellers suffer from hunger, malnutrition and different kinds of diseases. As a result, many of them die a premature death. They also told me that they suffer from mosquito and dirty smell.

The slum people are very poor and they do not have enough money. For that reason they get involve in different anti social activities like hijacking, smuggling, stealing, smoking and using drug etc. Their children don’t go to school. They work at any shops, Garments, car garage or home.

It seems to me that they are losing their human mentality day by day and they don’t know that what is right or wrong for them. I also think that the government and non government welfare organizations should think about them and help them. Then the slum people will get rid of their dark life and will have back a new life.


boliviaindigena said...

What about health problems? Do they receive some help in this part form ngo´s or goverment?


Iqram Photo said...

You are quite right in your words. I also have some findings. I am a documentry photographer. I have some strong photography story. We can work some more if we wish.