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Friday, January 4, 2008

An Interesting Story of my Exam

By Shanta Islam

It is an interesting story of my life when I was participating in Secondary School Certificate Examination in 2004. My first exam was English 1st paper. I went to exam hall with my parents. When I entered in the exam hall, my parents were waiting for me at the out side of the hall.

That was the first Board exam of my life. So I was very nervous and afraid. When the bell rang to start the exam, then we took our own seat. The exam started on time. We started our writing after getting the questions. At that moment I was very nervous. But I was trying to write well in the exam paper.

After one hour a police entered in the class room and stood in front of our class. He was searching some one by calling a name ‘Shanta’ again and again. I will not be able to describe my mental situation of that time, because he was calling my name, ‘Shanta’. My heart was beating very fast.

Though all of my classmates knew that I am Shanta, but they did not response. They did not want me to face any unexpected situation. My class teacher and the police were calling the name. Though I knew that I was innocent, but I was so concerned to response. Then the police requested our class teacher to find out ‘Shanta’.

After some time I stood up and informed that I am Shanta. I was waiting to hear any bad news or something bad. But I got very surprise when the police asked me very gently about my exam. Then he gave me a bottle of water and requested me to let him know if I faced any problem.

Then I could not understand what the matter was. Later I came to know that he was my father’s friend. At that time I forgot that my father is also a police officer.

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