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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jarina Begum: Who Makes & Sells Cake

By Nina Sultana Mim

Pitha [cake] is a traditional food of Bangladesh. Pitha is the most favorite food both in village and town of our country. It is very favorite food as breakfast in the winter morning.

Pitha is sold in many places in the city. Maximum women are done this pitha making business on the roadside of the cities and villages of Bangladesh. They make and sell pitha. Most of the customers are rickshaw pullers, CNG and Taxi-cab Driver etc.

Recently I have talked to a Pitha Nari. Her name is Jarina Begum. She makes and sells Pitha from morning to evening. She makes pitha by using smash of rice, sweets. She uses stove and a pot of soil. She sells Pitha in cheap price.

Jarina Begum told me that she tries to maintain her family by selling these Pithas. Her husband is a rickshaw puller. She has two sons and two daughters. They can not go to school for lacking of money. She passes her life in sorrow and poverty. She lives in a dirty environment with her family.
For their poverty they do not get fresh food, water and good shelter. Her children are also deprived from education, though education is the backbone of a nation. None can prosper in life without education.

She told me that her family members are suffering from malnutrition. She also told me that they suffer for flood, storm, mosquito, dirty smell and many diseases.

It seems to me that their position is very bad. Their life is very difficult.

She had also told me that she needs rice and sweets to make pithas which are very expensive to buy. She makes Vapa Pitha, Chitoy Pitha and different types & delicious pithas. When I was talking with her then I bought two Pithas. She was very happy to sell.

She also told me that: “Sister we have many sorrows; but there is none to realize our sorrows.”

After having the pithas, I found that Jarina Begum makes very sweet, delicious and wonderful Pithas.

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bluestone said...

I live in a country where women are free & equal. It makes me so sad to hear of our poor sisters in other parts of the world who suffer so. After reading your stories I realise how brave and strong you are. But it is promising to hear that slowly, things are changing, & women are being educated, to eventually rise up & live as equals.