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Saturday, January 12, 2008

One day with my Brother & Cousin

By Rumi Akter

Some days ago my brother and I decided to visit in Sonargaon with a cousin, Shumi. We went to the Maghbazar and bought three tickets from the Himalay bus counter to go to Sonargaon. We waited for the bus for sometimes at the bus station and when the bus came we started our journey to Mogar Para. My cousin sat beside me and my brother sat at other side.

When we reached at the Mogar Para bus station, we took a rickshaw to go to Panam Museum. It took some minutes to reach at the Panam Museum. I saw a big gate, which was so beautiful. My brother bought three entry tickets of the Museum.

In the left side of the entry gate, we saw a cart which was made of stone and in the right side there was an old building. There were kept many useful things. Besides the building there was a pond. There were two statues of two horses beside the pond, which were made of stone. Around the Panam Museum there was very large place.

At noon we took our meal in a hotel. After finishing our meal we visited the whole area. Then my cousin felt sick. My brother and I felt very nervous for her illness. She took rest for sometime. When she felt better then my brother told to return Dhaka. But my cousin wanted to stay there for more time. So we passed more time there. But we didn’t visit anywhere. We just passed our time by gossiping.

We started our journey to Dhaka at 5:00 pm. We were very excited. It was a great experience for me. We enjoyed our journey very much. I wish I will go to Sonargaon again with my brother and cousin.

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