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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Falgun Fair of Housewives

By Mohtarimun Nahar [Bipa]

Hello readers. I hope you are having a nice spring season. In our Bangladesh the spring season stays for two months [Falgun and Chaitra].

Yesterday when I was coming to The Nari Jibon Project then I found, a fair is held on Falgun. It is held near the Nari Jibon Project. I was very much attracted for one reason. I know that Bangladeshi people are fond of celebrating all the occasions. But the best part of this fair is --- it is arranged By ‘Dhaka Shatadal’ the organization of housewives. The word ‘Housewives’ attracted me a lot that I didn’t hear any organization like this.

In Bengali the name of this fair is ‘Griho Bodhu-der Falgun-er Mela’ [The Falgun Fair of Housewives].

All the sellers are housewives here. That’s why I went to visit the fair. The fair is arranged in a room. But there are many items to sell; those are: three-pieces, shawls, bed covers, skirt-tops, ornaments, Bengalese, sharees etc. Some dry foods and drinks are also sold in this fare.

I feel very happy that in this busy city Bangladeshi people try to celebrate some occasions. It can be arranged by locally or by the help of any organization or by personally. It may small but how many people try to celebrate and manage time to celebrate beside their official or other works. I feel very proud to be a Bangladeshi. Our people are very friendly and jolly minded.

I took permission of the Fair people to take some pictures. They were very happy. I would like to share some photos of this fair. Those are given below:

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