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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I went to Singapore with my family

By Farjana Hoque

In 1997, I went to Singapore with my family. That was not for the first time that I went to Singapore. In that year I spent the most beautiful time by visiting in Singapore. At that time I was in 14 years old. I remember every moment still now. I enjoyed very much in that year.

I am in Singapore

I enjoyed a lot by viewing many beautiful sceneries of Singapore. The most memorable sight seen was “Santosa, Jorong Bird Park and The Zoo”.

At First I would like to write something about Santosa. We went to Santosa by three ways. The ways were-- train, Cable Car and Ship. We used train and ship. The Cable Car was the most exciting way to go to Santosa. In Santosa there were many things that I saw and enjoyed. The most beautiful part was Water dancing. I watched water dancing in the evening in Santosa. There was a sea beach. I ate some food there.

On the next day we went to the Jorong Bird Park. It is the largest bird park of Asia. There were 8,000 birds of 600 Species from all over the world. The world largest collections are there in the park, like-- Toucans, Penguin etc. The Daily Shows are shown with these birds.

The Zoo was also exciting place for me. There were so many animals. I enjoyed the animals’ shows, like--- Elephant’s show, Bird’s show, Snake’s show etc. I enjoyed every show. I think Singapore is a very good place for traveling.


Unknown said...

Hi Farjana!
I too love Singapour it is one of the most beautiful town in the world. the flowers are colourful and smelly in Santosa and the streets are so clean...have you notice!

Joan - FOKO

Tuhin said...

hmm, Singapore is a nice and clean city. Also a city which is 100% secured from every aspects of life!!