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Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Journey to Comilla

By Ayesha Parveen

One day we decided to go for a journey to Comilla in the Ramadan month. We decided to go to Comilla after “Eid-ul-Fitar” by bus.

We are three friends; Tani, Munia and I. We went to the bus counter of Cydabad to take ticket on the next day of “Eid-ul-Fitar”.

When the bus started the journey to go to the Comilla we were very excited. We were going out side from Dhaka without our parents for the first time. After two hours we reached at Comilla. Tani’s cousin came to receive us at the bus counter.

When we went to the Tani’s cousin’s house it was 3 p.m. Then we got freshen up. And we took our lunch. After having our lunch we started to visit the whole house.

We gossiped for some times and after that we decided to go out side. But at that moment the rain started. Because of the rain we had to remain at home and we changed our dress. We gossiped for a long time to one another. After gossiping we found that it was 10:00 pm at night. Then we had our dinner. We went to sleep at 12 a.m.

On the next day after taking our Breakfast we went to visit the village. Then we rode on the “sako” [a small bridge]. We were very afraid that the “sako” was thin. Then we decided to ride on a van. We visited the village by the Van.

The villagers were very happy to see us. We were also happy to see them. We gossiped with them and took many photos. Then we went to the river side. It was very wonderful place. We sit at the side of the river and enjoyed the natural beauties. The fresh air of the river side touched our hearts and made us fresh. We walked and gossiped near the river for some times.

After passing some beautiful moments we went to the house. We took our lunch and got prepared to return in Dhaka. Then we decided to ride on a boat and enjoyed the charming place for some moments. We started our journey to return in Dhaka in the afternoon and reached at home at 7 p.m.
The journey to Comilla is a very pleasant experience to me. We were very happy. It is a very memorable journey in my life. We went to visit without our parents.

The natural beauties of Comilla are very beautiful. I really liked the river side, the vast green paddy field and the sako in Comilla. It was a very pleasant journey for us.

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juliusbd said...

Didnt you visit Lalmai and Maynamoti hills..???