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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Life of Poor People in Bangladesh

By Jannatul Ferdous

Bangladesh is a small and beautiful country. She is over populated country also. Most of the people are Muslims here; some people are Hindus, some are Buddhists and some are christens. Different religions’ people live in our country. Most of the people are poor in our country. Most of them live in villages. Some people live in towns.

Dhaka is the Capital of Bangladesh. I live in Dhaka. I saw how the poor people spend their life in the town. Some people work in Garments, some are day labors, some are rickshaw-pullers, some are street hawkers and some are beggars etc.

In the morning when I go out from my home, I can see many men and women are to attend their Work. You know that most of the people are garments worker here. Every morning they are to attend their work and return home at night. The whole day they work very hard. They always maintain their work timely. Most of the garment workers are child labors.

Sometimes we see old men, young boys as rickshaw-pullers. The whole day they drive rickshaw to earn Money. The Day labors also work hard all day. We can also see some street hawkers as vegetable, fish, flower sellers. We also see that some beggars beg in front of the houses, markets, schools, colleges etc. Some beggars are very old, some beg with baby.

Most of them live in slums. They live in poverty. But they are part of our country and our life. We can change our poor peoples’ Destiny. Our rich people can help them beside some government activities. I know Bangladeshi people are very kind and well hearted. Please help the poor people and save our country from the poverty.


Unknown said...

I was born in dhaka bangladesh. I was 12 years old when i moved to usa. NOw, i'm 18 years old. I remember bangladesh as a nice place but I remember I always felt guilty when I was there. I never told anyone or showed my emotion but now because I'm older I know thats how I felt. Whenever I got new toys or went out with my parents I felt like everyone else was so miserable and if you were poor you couldn't be happy only the rich were allowed to be happy. So I guess I kind of felt guilty about it. I hate how people look down on the poor people its not their fault they are poor. If they could help it ofcourse they would buy nice clothes and nice cars. People hate them because they are poor maybe if people were nice to the poor they would atleast smile. Thinking about the injustice that rich people do to the poor people especially in the villages makes me want to puke!( and blow up the rich guy with an atom bomb! [do not try] ). next time I visit bangladesh i will definitely make a difference, I want to atleast make one family have enough money to live and start a business.

Unknown said...

hi i really appreciate your thought for Bangladesh...
pls do contact me if u need any assistance.
Best regards,
YELL (Young Entrepreneur & Leaders League).

Unknown said...

Im also from bangladesh i feel really sorry i live in australia when i look back i feel angry whenever i get pocket money i try to give it to them i feel angry and frustrated that why cant it happen that everyone bes happy when i went to B.D. on the train station i felt so bad i wanted to cry

Unknown said...

im 18 by the way im on my dads account when i noticed this

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Zaman said...

I appreciate this type of comments, think help to the general people who wants to help the poor people and willingness to change the present poverty situation of the country.

Zaman said...

i appreciate it

Unknown said...

Like most people who have commented i also want to make a difference in bd! I was born and bred in the UK, but even today 20 years on believe that i come from Bangladesh.

As part of the commitee for Bangladeshi Society as my Uni, we have the manpower and commitment to do something no matter how small, but at the moment lack an action plan.

One of our main aims, was to maybe put up a place where people have access to health/food, it isn't as simple as that i know, but i do have the support of many different organisations and just wondered if you could help :)

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