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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Study tour

By Irin Sultana

I went to visit Chittagong as a study tour from my college in 2007. Our college had arranged a study tour for our good experience. We stayed in Chittagong for 7 days. We started our journey to Chittagong on 14th march at 11:30 pm at night. It was a bus journey. We were 75 students.

I am at Cox’s Bazaar

All of our students were making a lot of fun. We have a group with 5 friends. We sat together. All night we were so excited that we couldn’t sleep and had fun. After that we reached at Chittagong on next day at 5:30a.m. A hotel was booked for our 75 students of Finance Department. We stayed in that hotel. After having breakfast at 10:00am we went to EPZ which is the industrial area of Chittagong. This is the main part of our study tour.

I am with my friends

On the next day we went to the sea port of Chittagong. Almost 3 days we had traveled to the mini Bangladesh, as like: Anwara Beach, Zia Jadughar and many other places.

On the fourth day, we went to Cox’s Bazaar. A hotel was booked for us there. It was a beautiful place. We went to the sea beach of Cox’s Bazaar. Next day morning we went to the beach for taking bath. That was a great fun for us. How nice the sea beach is!

I am with my friends

We also enjoy the sun set of the sea beach. That was a marvelous sight. Suddenly one of my friends’ Afrin got too much sick at that time our whole team were afraid. She was having a problem of gastric. She got sick for the outside food and heavy journey. Our all friends and teacher tried to take care for her. After few hours she felt well and all of us got very happy.

In this study tour we have traveled in many places of Cox’s Bazaar. We also did shopping in the Barmiz Market. I had some shopping for my family and friends from Barmiz Mmarket. The Barmiz ‘Achar’ [sauce] is famous in all over the Bangladesh. I have bought many packets of ‘Achar’ for my family and friends.

The entire journey was really great. I have enjoyed very much by this journey. It was a memorable event for my whole life.


Marva said...

Dear Irin:

Your pictures are beautiful. They make me wish that I could go to the beach. I teach English here in the United States in the state of Illinois. What was the purpose of your study tour?

I have heard of Cox's Bazaar which seems very lovely. I also know that lots of people go there.

I am glad that you had a good time. Hopefully, you will get to go again sometime soon.

Thanks again for sharing this memory.



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