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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Some Pictures of my Village

By Mohtarimun Nahar [Bipa]

My village name is Digrirchor. It is in the Dewangonj Thana in the Jamalpur district. Our village is near the Bangladesh-India Border. The scenery of my village is very beautiful. Whenever I go to my village I try to take some pictures on sceneries. Now I am sharing some pictures of my village.

Our Yard

Our pond

One of my cousins, name: Rashed

Some Villagers. They work on our land

Our land

Our land

Our land




David Sasaki said...

Hi Mohtarimun,

Your village is very beautiful. I hope that one day I will be able to visit it. And Rashed looks so friendly. How long does it take to get to Digrirchor from Dhaka in bus?

Mohtarimun Nahar [Bipa] said...

Thanks for your comment David. Our village is really beautiful. I am very glad to know that you wish to go to our village. It will take 6 - 7 hours by bus and 5 - 6 hours by private car. You are always welcome to our country. I will feel very happy if you really visit at our village. Thanks again… BIPA



It is nice to see your pictures. I like nature, so I feel happy to know something about your village.

Kind regards from Bolivia.

Unknown said...

I saw the video clip.
Next time try to use a better camera with high resolution for the video.

The still pics R simply awsome.

Marva said...

Your land is very beautiful. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and the great description. I hope to visit Bangladesh one day.

Nicholas Laughlin said...

What is that object Rashed is holding? A musical instrument, or an agricultural tool?

Mohtarimun Nahar [Bipa] said...

it is a musical instrument. thanks for visiting our blog.

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Unknown said...

hello bipa i love you so much

Unknown said...

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VillageImages said...

Hello Brother,
its true regardless Dhaka, Bangladesh is really a beautiful country. Her beauty mostly lies in Villages.
Your village is that kind of one.

its really beautiful.
whenever you compare villages from other country, you will be sure- our villages are most beautiful among the whole planet.